Jim Cornwell, Mosquito Man
"A little is good, a lot is better, and too much is never enough!" --Jim Cornwell

Jim is known throughout high power rocketry for his super-scale Mosquito rockets. He flew his first rocket when the hobby was just getting started; his first flight was on a black powder 'A' motor with the very popular Scout model (similar to the Mosquito, but slightly larger). From that time on, Jim was hooked.

Jim was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 1973. During most of the time in Phoenix, The majority of his time in Phoenix was spent as a cabinet worker. Recently, however, he switched occupations and began working as a rocket engineering technician for Universal Propulsion.

His favorite rocket to fly is a four inch diameter Mosquito which has racked up more than 50 flights without a hitch. Jim attributes much of the success with his rocket to the reliability of AeroTech motors (AeroTech RMS J460, J275, J180, and J90). Another favorite rocket, now retired, is his famous giant Crayon which has an equally impressive flight record of over 50 flights, most of them powered by the AeroTech I357. The 38mm RMS I357 utilizes ‘Blue Thunder’ propellant for a brilliant blue flame. Jim likes to fly AeroTech motors because they are reliable and consistent; he has literally flown hundreds of them.

Future projects? Jim has several. His biggest project is the Jurassic Mosquito. Its name implies size. When finished, this super-scale Mosquito will stand 21.5 feet tall. A six foot tall person could literally walk underneath the airframe without bumping their head. The air frame, which is currently under construction, is 36 inches in diameter. The rocket is unique, not only because of its size, but also because of the launch system used. The rod will go up through the center of the airframe from the bottom to near the nose. Because the rocket will be powered by three large rocket motors, the rod can project up through the center of the triangular motor configuration. Very unique!

Jim is also building a bowling ball rocket. He hopes to launch a bowling ball to several thousand feet where it will float very slowly back to earth on a giant parachute. The idea is to see how long he can keep the bowling ball in the air.

This past year Jim has made several big changes in his life. First, he shaved off his spectacular beard. Second, he married Becky, and converted her over to high power rocketry. Jim says he is a family man now, and the Jurassic Mosquito will have to wait a while longer before it takes to the sky. However, don't be surprised if you see photos of it in the next year or so.