Mark Ketchum, Super Scale Expert

Mark Ketchum (Phoenix, AZ) showed off his latest project at LDRS 17 this last summer at Bonneville, UT. If you attended, you may have seen his rocket proudly displayed in front of the AeroTech booth near launch control.

Mark is an expert at the art of “super-scale” model rocket building, his latest Super Trident project being a prime example. This rocket is about five times the size of the original model rocket and constructed from cardboard and fiberglass parts. Motor tubes were custom built to fit the new 75mm hardware introduced at LDRS 17. Mark was one of the first to demo the new 75mm motors for the huge LDRS crowd.

Like the rest of us, Mark got into model rocketry as a kid while moving about the West. In fact, he still has his Saturn V which he built many years ago. In 1992, Mark discovered high power. He certified in 1992, and since then his projects have only gotten bigger and more complex. Having flown H, I, J and K motors, at LDRS 17 Mark flew his first L motor.

Mark’s favorite rocket is a two stage rocket called “2x54”. As the name implies, this rocket consists of two stages, each powered by 54mm hardware. He has made six flights with this rocket staging an AeroTech 54mm K550W to a 54mm J185W long burn. Mark claims the K550W is his favorite motor.

On the horizon, Mark is planning to attain his level three certification during the 1999 flying season. Best of luck!