Gary Rosenfield, CEO of AeroTech
Gary was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Fullerton, California. The first rocket he built was an Estes Alpha which he flew on an MPC 'A' motor. The success of this first flight eventually propelled Gary into a career of rocketry. Gary attended college and put in four years in the Air Force. After his stint in the military, Gary went to work for the Bermite division of Whittaker Corp. as a Research and Development engineer, and at Aerojet Tactical Systems as a Manufacturing Engineer. He formed his first rocket company, Composite Dynamics, in 1975. This company manufactured 'E', 'F' & 'G' composite hobby rocket motors and parts. This taste of running a rocket company eventually led to the formation of AeroTech, Inc. which Gary founded in 1982. Currently Gary is President of AeroTech as well as CEO of Industrial Solid Propulsion (ISP), Inc. Gary enjoys hiking and off-road exploring in the outdoors, particularly the area just outside of Las Vegas known as Mt. Charleston. When not exploring the mountains, Gary loves designing rocket motors.

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