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Updated 10/11/07

FAQ Subject Areas

Warranty issues
Igniter questions
About Reloadable Rocket Motor System (RMS) Facts
RMS assembly questions
Rocket Accessory Questions

Warranty Issues

Q. My rocket motor is missing parts, what do I do?

A. Contact the dealer or hobby shop where you purchased the product. They will provide you with a refund, replacement parts, or a new motor.

Q. I can't find any warranty information on my product. Is it here on the web site?

A. Yes. Take a look at our warranty area by clicking here.

Igniter Questions

Q. I can't get my Copperhead igniter to light. What is wrong?

A. Do not crease Copperhead igniters. These igniters are made of a three part copper foil laminate. Creasing causes minute breaks or shorts in the copper foil and current may not reach the pyrogen (igniter) coating at the tip.

Q. How do I use a two lead ignition system with your Copperhead igniters?

A. To convert a two lead ignition system with alligator style clips to work on the Copperhead igniters: Wrap one half (jaw) of each clip with electrical tape. Place one exposed clip on one side of the igniter, and the other exposed side of the clip on the other side of the igniter.

Q. How much voltage is needed to ignite the Copperhead igniter?

A. Copperhead igniters require a minimum of 12 volts at 3 amps to function properly. Recommended battery type: 12 volt car batteries. Remember to keep them fully charged!

About Reloadable Rocket Motor System (RMS)

Q. How long can I store a fully assembled RMS motor?

A. Do not leave your model rocket RMS motor assembled for an extended period. This can cause a compression set of the delay element. If it is necessary to store the motor before a launch, loosen the aft closure slightly (about one turn) to reduce the pre-loading of the delay o-rings. High-power and "high power style" RMS motors using RMS-Plus™ delays may be left assembled for several weeks or months without problems.

RMS assembly questions

Q. What type of grease should I use with RMS motors?

A. Synco "Super Lube" is the recommended grease for all AeroTech reloadable motors. It is available from AeroTech in three different sizes.

Q. How much grease should I use on my o-rings?

A. Just enough grease should be used to make the o-ring shiny. Always use grease sparingly.

Rocket Accessory Questions

Q. How long is the Mantis launch rod?

A. The total length of the launch rod is 60". Approximately 55" of rod will be exposed when fully assembled with the pad.

Q. How much weight can the Mantis launch pad handle?

A. The maximum recommended rocket weight for the Mantis is 52oz. or 3 1/4 lbs.

Q. What is the largest motor that can be used in a rocket lauched from the Mantis launch pad?

A. The maximum motor size for a rocket launched from the Mantis is a single 'G' motor with no more than 80 newtons average thrust.