Interested in getting started in the hobby of high performance rocketry? You've come to the right place. AeroTech is the oldest and largest manufacturer of composite propellant rocket motors for the hobby.

How do I get started in high performance rocketry?
Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to purchase the AeroTech Initiator Starter Set. The set includes the Initiator large scale rocket, Interlock launch controller, a high tech Mantis launch pad and detailed instructions. You'll be able to get thousands of feet in altitude with this starter set.

I'm hooked and want to fly bigger rockets with larger motors. What now?
In order to fly rockets with motors larger than 'G' class, you must first join a national rocketry organization and complete a certification program. We recommend you visit the NAR and TRA pages which deal with certification. After certifying, you can fly larger rocket motors.

There are two major rocket organizations you can join:

Which organization should I join?
Check out the web site of each organization and find out which rocket clubs are close to you and which organizations they recommend. Some areas have members of both.

How do I go about getting certified to fly high power rocket motors (any motor 'H' class or higher)?
Details for certification are slightly different for both organizations. We recommend you visit the NAR and TRA pages which deal with certification.

Can I attend a high power rocket launch before joining TRA or NAR?
In most cases, clubs belonging to both NAR and TRA welcome guests to attend launches. Visit the NAR launch calendar to find out about launches in your area.