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AeroTech Receives California State Fire Marshal Approvals for Three RMS Reload Kits

The California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has issued classification approvals for three new high-power AeroTech Karl E. Baumann (KEB™) Signature Line™ RMS™ reload kits.

AeroTech Offers EFC-1 Electronic Forward Closure in Kit Form
AeroTech is offering its EFC-1™ Electronic Forward Closure™ recovery system deployment device in kit form as part no. EFC-1K at $99.90 suggested retail.

AeroTech Creates Karl E. Baumann Signature Product Line

AeroTech is pleased to announce that it has created the Karl E. Baumann (KEB™) Signature Line™ of specialty and high-performance rocket motor products.

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Looking for 'A' through 'C' power model rocket motors, kits, parts and starter sets?
Visit the Quest Aerospace website at http://www.questaerospace.com.

• 6/26/09: EFC-1K instructions posted to the Resource Library.

• 5/18/09: Federal BATFE licensing is no longer required to purchase and store AeroTech high-power rocket motors and reload kits!

• 11/24/08: FAA ATC notification is no longer required for any AeroTech rocket kit using recommended motors! Click here to download FAA final rule 2007-27390 in PDF format.

Click here to download UPDATED performance nomograms created by Dr. Andreas Mueller for rockets using AeroTech motors (19.6 MB PDF file, 221 pages). Click here to download nomograms for rockets using Kosdon by AeroTech (KBA) reloads (2.2 MB PDF file, 28 pages).

Get Started in High Performance Rocketry with the AeroTech Initiator Starter System Package!

Initiator Systems Package
The Initiator Systems Package is your basic introduction to big hobby rocketry. This comprehensive kit contains everything necessary to fly the big stuff! The starter package includes the Initiator rocket kit, Mantis launch pad kit, Interlock launch controller kit and complete easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. The portable launch system is designed to fly the entire line of AeroTech rockets. F20-4W Econojet motors recommended for first flights. See the AeroTech catalog for detailed information on the individual components. Note: rocket motors sold separately.

Click here to see a video of the assembly of the Initiator rocket kit.

Click here to see the Initiator in the hobby shop video.

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AeroTech Receives California State Fire Marshal Approvals for Three RMS Reload Kits

The California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has issued classification approvals for three new high-power AeroTech Karl E. Baumann (KEB™) Signature Line™ RMS™ reload kits. The specific motors approved are:

High-Power RMS Reloadable Motor System™
I49N-P (#09049P)
I59WN-P (#09059P)
L339N-P (#12339P)

The approvals allow the sale and use of these high-power rocket motor reload kits by California consumers. A copy of the new California OSFM approvals is now available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

AeroTech Offers EFC-1 Electronic Forward Closure in Kit Form
AeroTech is offering its EFC-1™ Electronic Forward Closure™ recovery system deployment device in kit form as part no. EFC-1K at $99.90 suggested retail.

The EFC is a timer-based electronic recovery system deployment module that attaches to the forward end of any AeroTech, Dr. Rocket™ or Rouse-Tech™ RMS™-29, 38 or 54mm reloadable rocket motor. It includes a reusable glow-plug ejection charge ignition system that eliminates the need for electric matches and similar one-time use devices commonly employed with other electronic deployment systems. A robust anodized aluminum housing protects the unit from mechanical shock and exposure to ejection charge residue, and an integral ejection charge holder retains up to 3 grams of black powder or other pyrotechnic ejection charge material.

AeroTech estimates a 20-30 minute assembly time for the EFC-1K. Easy to set up and use, the EFC may be programmed to deliver a time delay of one to over 6,000 seconds from motor burnout, in one-second increments.

Motor forward closures are available that securely adapt the EFC-1 to 29, 38 & 54mm RMS motor casings, including an extended version for the long-burn 54mm reloads. Part no. EFC29-4 is a forward closure that fits RMS-29/40-120 model rocket hardware ($25.00), EFC29-1 is the 29mm "high-power style" closure ($25.00), EFC38-1 is the 38mm high power and "high-power style" closure ($40.00), EFC54-1 is the standard length 54mm closure ($54.00) and EFC54-2 is the extended length 54mm closure ($70.00). As a bonus feature, all of the EFC motor closures are designed to eliminate the need for the delay o-ring and forward delay spacer, simplifying motor assembly.

Along with the EFC hardware products, AeroTech also offers an ejection charge kit 12-pack (part no. ECK-1, $6.00), which includes 12 each 1.4 gram ejection charges and 1/2" diameter vinyl caps designed to fit the EFC's ejection charge holder.

The EFC-1K will be available from AeroTech's dealer network and the ValueRockets.com webstore.

Click here to download an instruction and specification sheet for the EFC-1 in PDF format.

AeroTech Offers Prize for Fastest RMS Assembly Video

AeroTech/RCS will provide a $500 AeroTech gift certificate to the individual who produces a video that demonstrates the fastest assembly of an AeroTech, Dr. Rocket or Rouse-Tech RMS-29/180 motor hardware with an AeroTech RMS-29/180 reload of their choice.

The video must show unpacking the reload, complete motor assembly and igniter installation. Videos must be posted to YouTube for public viewing, and links to the videos must be sent to customerservice@aerotech-rocketry.com.

Deadline for entries is June 30, 2009, and the winner will be announced at LDRS-28 in Potter, NY during the dinner banquet on July 4th.

AeroTech employees and dealers are not eligible.

AeroTech Creates Karl E. Baumann Signature Product Line

AeroTech is pleased to announce that it has created the Karl E. Baumann (KEB™) Signature Line™ of specialty and high-performance rocket motor products.

Karl is currently AeroTech's Director of Operations and was Tripoli Rocketry Association's (TRA's) first Level 3 certified flyer. Karl certified Level 3 in 1995 during LDRS-14 at the Black Rock Desert, NV with his beautifully finished 1/2 scale Phoenix missile powered by the then-new AeroTech M2400T Blue Thunder™ motor.

Karl said "Given the often generic and 'me too' nature of many of the rocket motors out there, especially recent competitive offerings, I thought it would be beneficial and interesting for AeroTech to develop and market a line of products that are truly unique and deliver exceptionally high performance".

"We've been perfecting a number of new methodologies over the past few years and I agreed with Karl that the KEB line would be the ideal marketing vehicle for new products using them" stated AeroTech/RCS President Gary Rosenfield. "For example, we recently demonstrated a delivered propellant specific impulse (Isp) exceeding 254 seconds in our advanced test motors. We want to incorporate some of that technology into our future high-power consumer reloads."

The line will initially consist of products to include endburning and Boost-Sustain™ motors and a number of high-power reload kits using a specially-optimized version of AeroTech's Blue Thunder propellant and other advanced formulations. Karl was personally involved in the selection, development and testing of the new products.

To that end, AeroTech is releasing the first three motors in the KEB line, the I49N-P, the I59WN-P and the L339N-P reloads.

The I49N-P (P/N 09049P) is a Warp-9™ propellant endburning reload kit that fits RMS™ 38/360 hardware. It delivers a National Association of Rocketry (NAR) certified total impulse of 383 newton-seconds (N-sec) over a burn time of 7.68 seconds with an initial (peak) thrust of 64 newtons.

The I59WN-P (P/N 09059P) is AeroTech's first Boost-Sustain offering and uses a coreburning White Lightning™ propellant boost grain coupled with an endburning Warp-9 propellant sustain grain. The I59WN fits RMS 38/480 hardware and delivers a NAR-certified total impulse of 486 N-sec over a burn time of 7.99 seconds. The motor delivers a peak "boost" thrust of 173 newtons followed by a long sustain burn tapering from about 60 to 35 newtons.

The I49N and the I59WN both require use of a new 38mm "endburning-style" forward closure, P/N 38EBFCPT. This is due to the fact that both reloads are sold in a "plugged" configuration with no delay components, and no void space can exist above the endburning propellant grain. The endburning-style forward closure is machined with a 5/16-18 threaded recovery system anchor point and also includes a threaded boss for attachment of the AeroTech Electronic Forward Closure (EFC-1).

The L339N-P (P/N 12339P) is a Warp-9 propellant endburner for RMS 98/2560 hardware. It delivers a TRA-certified total impulse of 2,793 N-sec over a burn time of 8.82 seconds, with an initial (peak) thrust of 445 newtons. The L339N requires the use of a "forward closure bulkhead plug" (P/N 98FCBP) installed in the standard 98mm RMS plugged forward closure, as this reload also does not include any smoke charge components.

All three of these reloads are perfect for lightweight altitude rockets or for upper stages. Currently, AeroTech is the only manufacturer producing endburning composite propellant hobby rocket motors. Look for additional products in the KEB Signature Line to be released at LDRS-28 in Potter, NY and in the near future.

AeroTech anticipates that shipments of the new KEB reloads to its dealers will begin in 3 to 4 weeks.

Motor instructions, thrust curves, assembly drawings and the official NAR and TRA certification documents for the three new KEB reloads are now available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

HOT!! Federal BATFE Permits No Longer Required to Purchase and Store AeroTech High-Power Motors and Reload Kits

Following the resolution of a long and difficult legal struggle, AeroTech is very happy to report that effective immediately all AeroTech high-power (generally 'H' class and above) rocket motors and reload kits are now free from regulation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). This means that NO federal BATFE permits are required to purchase, store, sell or use these products by either dealers or consumers.

Customers are reminded that AeroTech high-power motors and reloads must only be sold to individuals 18 years of age or older in possession of a NAR or Tripoli user certification level commensurate with the motors they wish to purchase. Also, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations remain in effect regarding the operation of all high-power rockets.

Please read the Joint Statement on the BATFE Litigation from the NAR and TRA dated 5/18/09 below, and the order from District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton.

Thanks go out to the officials of the TRA and NAR, their legal team and the members, dealers and manufacturers who supported this effort over many years.

Also, many AeroTech high-power reload kits may be shipped via USPS Parcel Post® without incurring a hazmat fee. Click here for a complete listing in PDF format.

On a related topic, AeroTech would like to inform customers that as of 11/24/08 FAA ATC notification is no longer required for any AeroTech rocket kit using the recommended motors. FAA final rule 2007-27390 may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

HOT!! Joint Statement on the BATFE Litigation

Since the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives has not appealed the decision of the Federal District Court of March 16, 2009, which ordered the agency to vacate their classification of APCP as an explosive, and the period for their ability to do so has expired as of May 16, 2009, on advice of counsel, we believe that the judgment is considered final although we have not received confirmation from the BATFE. Accordingly, members may operate under the understanding that APCP rocket motors are no longer regulated as an explosive material by BATFE, and no longer require permits formerly required by the agency to buy, sell, or possess such motors.

Members possessing a LEUP are advised that they should evaluate their individual situation based upon whether they possess (or plan to possess) and store materials that are still considered regulated by BATFE. While APCP rocket motors are now no longer regulated under the requirements of the "Orange Book" and are not subject to requiring a LEUP, other materials may be subject to these requirements.

Members are also reminded that both TRA and NAR safety codes stipulate what motors they may possess, depending on their level of flyer certification. These rules still apply to our members. We likewise strongly encourage vendors of hobby rocket motors to continue to work cooperatively with the rocketry community to only sell rocket motors to customers who possess flyer certifications commensurate with the motors they wish to purchase. Ensuring we maintain our strong level of self-regulation will be an essential element in our ability to retain this freedom from overregulation by outside agencies.

Members should immediately contact the leadership of TRA or NAR should they encounter situations where any BATFE personnel conduct themselves inconsistent with the final judgment of the Federal District Court.

Ken Good, President
Tripoli Rocketry Association

Trip Barber, President
National Association of Rocketry

Click here to download the 4-page order by District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton in PDF format.

New 2009-2010 AeroTech Catalog To Be Released at TARC Finals

The new AeroTech Consumer Aerospace 2009-2010 product catalog is planned for release during the Team America Rocket Challenge (TARC) finals in The Plains, VA on May 15-16.

The 20-page catalog includes new rocket action photos taken by contributors Mark Canepa, Steve Jurvetson and Nancy Snyder. MDRA member Dan Michael's 3/4 scale Patriot is featured on the cover and elsewhere. The catalog includes all recently introduced Mojave Green™, Black Max™ and Warp-9™ motors and RMS™ reload kits, the 98/15360 N1000W long burn motor and a number of other new products that will be released prior to LDRS-28. In addition, motor technical data, thrust curves and AeroTech kit projected altitudes have been updated to include the latest model rocket RMS and standard hobby line single-use & LMS™ model rocket motors.

The new AeroTech catalog is now available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

New AeroTech Hobby Line Dealer Announced
AeroTech is pleased to announce the addition of Always Ready Rocketry (ARR) as a new dealer of its hobby line rocket products in sunny Tampa, FL.

Randall Ejma, owner of ARR, is very excited about the prospects of being an onsite vendor for local launches at Tripoli Tampa, as well as providing a convenient national online webstore. Mr Ejma commented, "There was definitely a void for these products at our monthly launches, and I think it's great to see so much business so quickly. I'm especially excited about mid-power rocketry people being able to experience the awesome acceleration of the G339N Warp-9 reload too."

We offer him congratulations and hope that you will visit his site and get involved in this fast-moving hobby!

The Always Ready Rocketry website can be viewed at http://www.alwaysreadyrocketry.com.

HOT!! AeroTech Unveils New 24mm Single-Use Motor at NARCON 2009
AeroTech is releasing its first new 24mm single-use motor since 2001, the 24 X 95mm Blue Thunder™ F32T, during NARCON 2009 in Wethersfield, CT.

The F32T features an all-new molded phenolic casing with a built-in thrust ring, a new molded plastic bulkhead and uses a specially-optimized version of AeroTech's Blue Thunder propellant which delivers an astounding specific impulse of 225 seconds! The F32T produces a beautiful translucent blue exhaust plume with "mach diamonds" similar to the redesigned G80T. With a propellant weight of only 25.8 grams, the F32T may be shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post® with no hazmat fee. The F32T will be available in three time delays: F32-4T (P/N 63204), F32-6T (P/N 63206) and F32-8T (P/N 63208)

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) certified total impulse for the F32T is 56.9 N-sec. The 225 second delivered Isp is the highest ever recorded for a NAR-certified single-use model rocket motor. Other statistics include a burn time of 1.66 seconds, an average thrust of 34.1 newtons, peak thrust of 61.9 newtons, propellant mass of 25.8 grams and an initial mass of 65 grams. It may be used interchangeably in kits designed for other 24 x 95mm motors such as the black powder E9. The F32T has the same initial mass as the E9, but delivers over twice the total impulse.

The F32T single-use motor will be available from AeroTech and its dealers at an introductory price of $15.90 each. AeroTech is accepting orders for the F32T now and anticipates shipments to its dealers and distributors to begin shortly. The F32T has already been approved by the California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) for sale and use by California consumers.

Motor instructions, the official NAR certification document and the OSFM approval for the F32T are now available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

HOT!! Joint TRA/NAR Statement on the Lawsuit vs. BATFE

After a conference with our legal counsel, we provide the following information to our members on how to proceed in the aftermath of the favorable decision by Judge Walton in our lawsuit to eliminate the unjustified regulation of Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP) imposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). We cannot offer legal advice to individual members, and members should consult their own legal counsel if there are any questions about how to proceed.

First, we should assume that the judge's decision "vacating", or rendering null and void, the BATFE regulation of APCP will not take effect until the period for appeal by the BATFE has passed without their filing an appeal. This will be approximately 60 days from now. However, even if an appeal is filed, it is possible for the Court’s judgment to be in effect and BATFE regulation to be nullified while the appeal is pending. We will advise you if this is this is the case.

If BATFE should appeal the decision, regardless of the fact that there is almost no credible basis for such an appeal or for the appeal to be approved by the Department of Justice, we should await the results of the appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals before assuming that BATFE no longer regulates APCP in the long term. However, unless the appellate court grants the agency a “stay of judgment” (which they may request, should they appeal) final judgment will be considered in effect at the end of the 60 day period mentioned above. At that time, the Judge Walton’s decision will take effect and could only be nullified by an overturn on appeal. Should the appellate court grant BATFE a stay of judgment, we will have to await the decision of the court before Judge Walton’s decision would be considered final and in effect.

An appeal could take up to six months, and possibly more time. If there is no appeal, then the regulations are automatically cancelled even if BATFE chooses not to publish a notice of such cancellation.

We will keep our members advised of the status of any appeals and will let you know the exact official date on which the regulations are no longer in effect. After this official date, you will not be required to have BATFE licenses or be subject to BATFE inspection or oversight for sport rocketry operations with APCP in any quantity and should show a copy of the Court judgment to any BATFE agent who takes an opposite position.

Second, members should proceed for now on the basis that all these BATFE regulations remain in effect. Appropriate licenses are still required to buy, sell, possess, and/or store APCP until such time as the regulations are cancelled. If you have a license up for renewal between now and late May (or whatever later date may be determined by any BATFE appeal process), you will have to renew it if you wish to perform any of these transactions.

Third, once the regulations are canceled, members are reminded that high-power user certifications are still required for purchasing or using high-power motors even if BATFE licenses are not. We have a great reputation as a self-regulating group of responsible hobbyists and our future success in defending the freedom we just won back could depend on maintaining this reputation.

Fourth, this Court decision did not change the regulated status of other sport rocketry items such as black powder, some kinds of igniters, etc. To the extent that any of these items previously required licenses and magazine storage, nothing has changed. Nor does the decision affect licensing and regulation by other federal, state or local government agencies.

We thank our members for their continued patience and for their sustained moral and financial support as we have fought this long battle successfully together.

Ken Good, President
Tripoli Rocketry Association

Trip Barber, President
National Association of Rocketry

HOT!! APCP not an Explosive, Rules Judge Reggie B. Walton

District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton for the District of Columbia today issued an order finding in favor of Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) and National Association of Rocketry (NAR) vs. the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). The decision followed a status hearing this past Friday in Washington.

Walton's order granted a summary judgment motion in favor of the plaintiffs TRA and NAR, denied the summary judgment motion of BATFE, and vacated the classification of Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant (APCP) as an explosive.

Click here to download the 4-page order in PDF format.

Tripoli Motor Testing Certifies New High-Power Mojave Green Reload Kit

The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) Committee of the Tripoli Rocketry Association has certified a new AeroTech high-power Mojave Green™ propellant RMS™ reload, the L1390G-P.

The L1390G-P fits AeroTech, Dr. Rocket™ and Rouse-Tech™ 75/3840 RMS hardware, delivers a maximum thrust of 408 pounds and produces Mojave Green's signature vivid green flame with brilliant and distinct "mach diamonds" and a moderate amount of smoke.

Performance data, specifications and price for the L1390G are as follows:

Reload kit designation
AeroTech part no.
RMS hardware
Total impulse, (N-sec)
Burn time (sec)
Propellant weight (g)
Loaded motor weight (g)
Suggested retail price

The L1390G-P may be sold to NAR or Tripoli Level 2 certified purchasers.

Deliveries to AeroTech's high-power RMS dealers are expected to begin by late March. The TRA certification document, motor instructions and assembly drawing will soon be available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

Curt von Delius Sets New 'J' and 'M'-Class Altitude Records With AeroTech Reloads at XPRS 2008 Launch

Curt von Delius, using a modified version of his record-setting Level 3 airframe, crushed his previous 'M'-class altitude record of 37,762 feet by flying it to a GPS verified altitude of 45,328 feet AGL on September 19th 2008 and also set a new 'J'-class altitude record of 19,758 feet on September 21st 2008, during the XPRS launch in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The altitudes were recently certified by the Tripoli Contest and Records Committee.

Scorched from aerodynamic heating after reaching almost 2,000 miles per hour, von Delius' "MMAX" flight used an 8,060 newton-second, Kosdon by AeroTech Animal-Compatible (KBA A-C) M1450W reload kit (AeroTech P/N K13145P, $300.00 MSRP) that generates a peak thrust of 480 pounds during a burn time of 5.46 seconds. The rocket pulled 24 Gs and the time to apogee was 46 seconds, with the vehicle coasting for nearly 40 seconds after motor burnout.

The airframe was separated at apogee using black powder charges and was recovered with custom hybrid and Kevlar parachutes, of von Delius' own design and construction. A Beeline GPS was used to verify the maximum altitude and provide tracking during the over 5 minute descent (launch photo by Steve Wigfield).

Less than 20 days earlier at the AeroPac Aeronaut launch, also in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, von Delius clinched the previous Tripoli 'M'-class altitude record by achieving a GPS-verified altitude of 37,762 feet. Curt is also the holder of the 'L'-class altitude record of 31,316 feet.

Von Delius' high-altitude design was constructed with lightweight carbon fiber composites and weighs 56 oz. without the motor. The modified design now measures 59.77" in length and 3.13" in diameter with a flying weight of less than 20 pounds. After ignition, the vehicle reached 71 miles per hour before exiting the custom-built 8-foot aluminum launch tower.

"We had excellent conditions for this launch with mild surface and aloft winds. It all seemed to come together on this flight with an arrow-straight boost and all systems and recovery working flawlessly" said von Delius. AeroTech/RCS President Gary Rosenfield added, "We are thrilled that Curt chose to use AeroTech products for his record attempts. The M1450W reload especially represents a convergence of performance parameters that are ideally suited for this kind of effort."

Von Delius Sets New 'J'-Class Record of 19,758 Feet

Two days after setting the new 'M'-class altitude record of 45,328 feet, also at the XPRS launch, Curt von Delius improved on his existing 'J'-class record of 19,240 feet by flying his state-of-the-art carbon "JMAX", setting the new Tripoli single motor record of 19,758 feet.

Flying on an RMS-38/1080 motor loaded with an AeroTech J570W reload kit (AeroTech P/N 10570M, $80.00 MSRP), von Delius' latest JMAX design is his fourth attempt to crack 20,000 feet AGL, and the third time to set a new 'J'-class record using a J570W. A total of three airframes have been built and flown, each improving on the original record design (launch photo by Patrick Wagner).

"This flight boosted incredibly straight out of the tower, and the flight and recovery went very smoothly, too bad it didn't clear 20,000 feet" said von Delius.

At 26.625" long and 44 oz., the all-carbon screamer hit 1,954 miles per hour and pulled 93 Gs for two seconds, coasting for another 28 seconds to apogee. The JMAX was launched from an 8-foot custom aluminum tower and was recovered with a hybrid chute system deployed at apogee, all designed and constructed by von Delius.

HOT!! AeroTech Spring '09 "Level 1-2-3" Certification Promotion
AeroTech is once again offering a special promotion to its NAR and Tripoli Level 1, 2 & 3 certification customers, available only through participating high-power RMS™ dealers.

The Level 1-2-3 promotion begins March 1, 2009 and includes the H123W-M reload kit for $12.50 (50% off MSRP), the J350W-M reload kit for $27.50 (50% off MSRP) and the M1297W-P reload for $210.00 (25% off MSRP). This offer is exclusively for individuals seeking Level 1, 2 or 3 certification, and customers must present their NAR or Tripoli certification paperwork to the participating dealer prior to purchase. The Level 1-2-3 promotion reload kits will be clearly marked "for certification flights only".

The promotion ends on April 1, 2009. After that date, dealers who have any remaining inventory of Level 1-2-3 reloads may continue to sell them until their stock runs out. However, depending on the success of the program, AeroTech may choose to extend the length of the offer.

ValueRockets.com e-Commerce Site Now Online
AeroTech's ValueRockets.com™ full-featured webstore is now complete and open for business at http://www.valuerockets.com.

Featuring an easy-to-navigate design, the store is divided into six major product categories: Single-use model rocket motors, reloadable model rocket hardware, model rocket motor reload kits, ready-to-fly model rockets, model rocket starter sets, and initiators, parts & accessories.

While the main focus of the webstore is on entry-level composite propulsion and related items at costs competitive with black powder motors, a number of other products are included on the site at AeroTech's suggested retail prices.

ValueRockets.com was created with the newcomer to composite propellant model rocketry in mind. It includes "Rocketry 101" and "FAQ" pages to educate consumers about the various aspects of hobby rocketry as well as answer frequently asked questions concerning the nature of composite propellant rocket motors and their differences from black powder motors.

Motors and reload kits sold on the site will be shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post™. There is no minimum order but an $8.00 shipping and handling charge will apply to orders totaling under $100 net, with free shipping for orders exceeding $100. Payment can be made through the customer's PayPal account, and the site also handles major credit cards.

AeroTech believes that exposing more entry-level rocket customers to the benefits and high-performance of composite propellant rocketry at dramatically lower cost and with easier availability, will result in increased sales by dealers and distributors of the larger AeroTech products, including high-power rocket motors, and will expand participation in hobby rocketry as a whole. To that end, the ValueRockets.com "Resources" page includes a link to a list of hobby stores, onsite dealers and e-Commerce sites where the customer may shop for AeroTech's full model rocket kit and model and high-power rocket motor lines.

The "Resources" page also contains links to frequently requested documents on the AeroTech site such as instructions and RMS motor assembly drawings.

A full-page advertisement for ValueRockets.com is scheduled to appear in upcoming issues of Sport Rocketry and Extreme Rocketry magazines.

Visit our licensed RMS™ Reloadable Motor System™ hardware partner:

Rouse-Tech Monster Motors™

Looking for specialized rocket motors for industrial, commercial or military applications?
Visit the Industrial Solid Propulsion (ISP) website at http://www.specificimpulse.com.

Looking for resources for custom rocket motor design and construction?
Visit the RCS website at http://www.rocketmotorparts.com.


New to High Performance Rocketry?
Visit the Rocket Central website (www.rocketcentral.org) for information about how to build and launch rockets thousands of feet in the air. This site includes information about high performance composite rocket motors, reloadable motor systems, and contact information for local rocket clubs in your area. Also visit the NAR & Tripoli websites.

MODEL ROCKET MOTORS & KITS: Customers may order model rocket products (including single-use motors and reload kits) directly from AeroTech. Download the AeroTech products order form in Excel™ or PDF format from the Resource Library, fill it out and fax it to (435) 865-7120 or mail to 2113 W. 850 N. St., Cedar City UT 84721.

HIGH-POWER RMS™ reload kits may only be purchased by individuals holding the appropriate NAR or Tripoli user certification.

WEBSTORE ORDERS are currently restricted to a limited number of model rocket products. However, we are in the process of expanding the list of available items.

Download the AeroTech Consumer Products Catalog


7/22/06 Video of a test flight of a 54mm K570FJ Black Max motor added in MPEG-1 format

9/28/05 Videos of Ray Goodson's 3" and 5" nozzleless rocket projects with the Rocket Research Institute (RRI) added in MPEG-1 Video CD format.

5/1/05 MPEG-1 Video CD version of the AeroTech Hobbyshop Video added (320 X 240, 30 FPS, 49.1 MB.)

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