New Director of Marketing and Sales

AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Martens to the position of Director of Marketing and Sales effective April 20, 2000.

Mike is a graduate of the University of Wyoming (BA) and Virginia Commonwealth University (MBA). His background includes eight years with the U.S. Army, serving as an Ordnance officer and, most recently, responsibilities as a manufacturing general manager combined with marketing/operations consulting experience. Click here for details.

AeroTech Releases RMS-Plus™: A Major Enhancement of the 29 & 38mm Easy Access™ Reloadable Motor System™

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--April 15, 2000--AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has begun shipment of its first major enhancement to the 29 & 38mm lines of Easy AccessTM RMS™ high performance rocket motors, the RMS-Plus™ advanced delay sealing system. Full Story

Instructions for The AeroTech Copperhead™ igniter posted to resource library

The AeroTech Copperhead™ igniter is different from other hobby rocket motor igniters both in form and function. Because of this, certain precautions must be observed if the user is to expect maximum reliability from the Copperheads™. Click here to download complete PDF insructions.


RocStock XI is Coming! - May 23rd, 2000
Wild Rocketry reports that with only 16 days left to finish up projects, people from around the country are gearing up for one of the biggest launches of the year. R.O.C.'s RocStock events bring out hundreds of flyers and tons of spectators. Full Story (5.24.00)

Images reveal lakes, snow, geysers on Jupiter moon Io
New close-up images of Jupiter's moon Io show a hellish world of poison gas plumes, erupting molten rock and yellow fields of snow. Snapped by the Galileo spacecraft during three flybys, the photos zoom in on yellowish sulfuric plains, interspersed with streaks of green and patches of red, superhot lava lakes and giant mountain ranges. Full Story (5.24.00)

Econojet F23 BlackMax

Econojet G38 BlackMax
29/360 Hardware (Dr. Rocket)

G-Force Rocket Kit

Download the 1999-2000 AeroTech High Power Catalog

Download the 1998-99 AeroTech
Hobby Rocket Catalog

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May 26-29
Location: Houston, TX
Mars 2000
Sponsor: Challenger, NAR 498
Contact: John Pursley,
Notes: Space Model Concourse static model show, Mars 2000 Challenge. The Mars 2000 Challenge will combine Space Systems and R&D rules to provide a challenging precision landing event with special mission requirements following landing on Mars."

May 27
Range: Ardmore (Huntsville), AL
Sponsor: Huntsville Area Rocketry Association (HARA)
Waiver: 10,000 AGL
Contact: Brian Day, 256/881-9149

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