AeroTech Motors Approved for Canada! Las Vegas, NV None
Text: The Explosives Regulatory Division of Canada as of January 31, 2001 has officially approved all of AeroTech’s Single Use Econojet Motors in the ‘F’ through ‘G’ range. Mr. Todd Kaylor of the Regulatory Department at AeroTech began the project in early October. All of his hard work has come to an end with a positive outcome.

The list of approved motors will now include:

Part # Description Retail Price
62004C F20-4W Econojet (2-pak) $19.95
62007C F20-7W Econojet (2-pak) $19.95
62304C F23-4FJ Econojet (2-pak) $19.95
62307C F23-7FJ Econojet (2-pak) $19.95
73504C G35-4W Econojet (2-pak) $22.95
73507C G35-7W Econojet (2-pak) $22.95
73804C G38-4FJ Econojet (2-pak) $22.95
73807C G38-7FJ Econojet (2-pak) $22.95

With the above motors now legal to ship to Canada AeroTech is looking forward to an even greater interest & involvement in rocketry by the Canadians. Please contact AeroTech Canadian Dealers to for these motors.