AeroTech Releases RMS-Plus™: A Major Enhancement of the 29 & 38mm Easy Access™ Reloadable Motor System™

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--April 15, 2000--AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has begun shipment of its first major enhancement to the 29 & 38mm lines of Easy Access™ RMS™ high performance rocket motors, the RMS-Plus™ advanced delay sealing system.

RMS-Plus™ is a new delay charge configuration that seals the delay element radially (around the outside) rather than axially as in previous RMS™ reload kits. AeroTech designed RMS-Plus™ to be compatible with existing 29 & 38mm RMS™ forward closures, so that no new hardware purchase is necessary! The major benefits of RMS-Plus™ include:

For nearly two years, the RMS-Plus™ design has been in the development and testing stages, which included lengthy examination by the Tripoli Motor Testing Committee (TMT) and beta testing by consumers.

Sixteen new RMS-Plus™ reload delay kits ("RDK's") will be available immediately to modify any older 29 & 38mm reload kits to the RMS-Plus™ design, if desired, and to change the delays of RMS-Plus™ reload kits. These RDK's are available in 6-paks at a retail price of $5.95 each. The older 29 & 38mm RDK's have been discontinued.

RMS-Plus™ reload kits and RDK's come complete with new improved illustrated instructions. The new reload kits can be identified by the prominent RMS-Plus™ logo on the reload kit header cards. The header cards include a handy cross-reference guide on the back side to assist dealers and flyers in selecting the appropriate RMS-Plus™ RDK for any particular reload kit.

In related news, AeroTech is simultaneously releasing short and medium delay versions of its newest 29mm Easy Access™ reload kit, the I200W, in the RMS-Plus™ configuration.

For a preview of the RMS-Plus™ design or to view and download RMS-Plus™ motor reload kit and RDK assembly instructions, please visit the Resource Library on the AeroTech website.