H210R and I218R Redline™ Reloads Certified

AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce that, in addition to the recently certified H210R and I218R Redline™ reloads, TMT and NAR S&T volunteers are working to complete testing of the full range of Redline™ reloads.

We sincerely thank each and every one of these individuals for the time that they have contributed, and will continue to put forward, towards the completion of the test series.

The pre-ordered Redline™ reload kits have been in production for several weeks and will be shipped as certification of each of the Redline™ high power reloads is received.

AeroTech estimates that the timing of the product delivery to dealers, from the date of NAR or Tripoli certification, will range from approximately two weeks for the 29/38mm reloads to three weeks for the 54/75/98 mm reloads.

Deliveries to California dealers may be delayed somewhat until the reloads are certified by the State Fire Marshal and other State requirements have been completed.
No LEUP is required for purchase of any of the 29/38mm Easy Access Redline™ (or any of the other AeroTech E/A) reload kits.

As a side note the 54 mm Redline™ reloads are being tested and certified with the new RMS Plus™ delay system. Already proven in the 29/38mm systems, this will add increased reliability to the 54mm line of motors.