Kosdon, Kosdon East and AeroTech, Inc. Agreement Announced

Franklin “Frank” Kosdon of Kosdon Enterprises, Paul Robinson of Kosdon East and AeroTech, Inc. are pleased to announce an agreement whereby AeroTech will obtain an exclusive license to certify, manufacture and distribute Kosdon TRM™ (Truly Recyclable Motors) reload kits and hardware.

This means that Kosdon TRM( products will continue to be available for Frank’s loyal customers and more. As many people know, a number of the current Kosdon TRM( Tripoli motor certifications are due to expire on June 1, 2000. The Kosdon team decided the best method to continue and increase production of Kosdon TRM™ products was to license the TRM™ technology to a fully legal and very capable manufacturer. After months of discussion, AeroTech has been chosen as the best supplier for Kosdon TRM™ products.

The existing line of Kosdon motors will be sold under the name “Kosdon TRM™ by AeroTech”. This will effectively increase the certified availability of the excellent rocketry products that Frank has developed over the last 15 years.

While some minor details are still being negotiated, the following information can be released at this time:

• Frank has agreed to grant an exclusive license for the rights to manufacture the Kosdon TRM™ technology to AeroTech. This includes the Kosdon TRM™ hardware and the “FAST”, “SLOW”, and “DIRTY HARRY” propellant formulations. The primary reason is simple. Lately, Frank has been unable to devote the time he desires to research alternate propulsion technologies. The increasing popularity in Kosdon TRM™ has caused production to take too much time away from his R&D efforts. Frank wishes to be involved in all aspects of the hobby, just not selling Kosdon TRM™.

• AeroTech will produce and sell Kosdon TRM™ products for the high power rocket community and the current expanding customer base.

• Frank will become a West coast dealer for Kosdon TRM™ by AeroTech.

• Kosdon East will become an East coast dealer for Kosdon TRM™ by AeroTech.

• Paul Robinson will receive a license to produce and sell his own new products using the patented AeroTech reloadable motor technology (additional information on new products will be announced at a later time by Paul).

Frank is pleased that he will be able to continue to “personally serve the faithful” who have appreciated his rocket motors and related components, engineered since becoming a “born again rocketeer” in 1985. Under this arrangement he will be able to devote full time and energies to product development and, according to Frank, “in no way curtails Kosdon TRM™ products or my creative efforts”.

Gary Rosenfield, President of AeroTech, states that “every effort will be made to certify and expand the unique Kosdon TRM product line”. Gary has also set the goal of submitting the Kosdon motor line to the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) for CSFM classification, so that they will “enjoy the same widespread availability that AeroTech motors have had for some time in California.” Frank will be given every encouragement to resume full-time creative efforts and AeroTech will strive to expand the certified availability of current (and new) Kosdon motors.

AeroTech is committed to expanding the variety of products offered to the sport rocketry community and to improving it’s current line of product offerings.

As the certification of certain Kosdon TRM™ motors will end on June 1, 2000, recertification discussions with Tripoli and NAR in this regard have already been initiated. (Note: The Tripoli consumer protection policy gives purchasers 3 years after certification end date, to use any purchased motors or reloads manufactured during the certification period.) The renewed availability of Kosdon TRM™ products to sport rocketry enthusiasts will be dependent upon fulfilling the requirements for obtaining new DOT EX-numbers for shipping as well as completion of NAR and Tripoli certification. AeroTech will make every effort to supply these organizations with the information and assistance necessary to ensure timely completion of these benchmarks. AeroTech will release updated availability information as soon as certification is achieved and production schedules are finalized.

AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a manufacturer of single-use and reloadable solid and hybrid propellant rocket motors, rocket kits, parts and ground support equipment for the consumer, educational and motion picture special effects markets. AeroTech is a subsidiary of Industrial Solid Propulsion (ISP), Inc. ISP is a high-technology company specialized in the design and manufacture of rocket motors, solid rocket propellant, gas generators and specialty propulsion devices for space, commercial, industrial and military markets. ISP also provides research and development services to various government contractors.