New Product Catalog from AeroTech! Las Vegas AeroTech
Text: AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its 2000-2001 hobby rocket product catalog. This 16-page full color catalog showcases the full line of AeroTech products from the hobby line kits and motors (Econojet, single use and RMS), through the full line of 29-98mm High Power RMS systems to the cutting edge AeroTech hybrid motors.

Motor and performance specifications are an integral element in the new catalog layout, graphically representing the wide range of propulsion options available to the sport rocketry enthusiast. Those new to rocketry will find extensive coverage of motor and propellant terms and technology.

New products include the FirstFire™ and FirstFire Jr.™ igniters and the new Redline propellant formulation, planned for release in early 2001. Also shown is AeroTech “Aerowear” clothing in the form of distinctive headgear and shirts.

Enthusiasts will also enjoy supporting photos of events, rocketry personalities and unique rocket vehicles taken at NAR and Tripoli launches in the recent past.

These catalogs will be made available, beginning in mid-November, from hobby stores and dealers now carrying AeroTech kits and motors. Requests may also be addressed to the AeroTech Sales Department. An Adobe PDF version of the catalog is available for download from the AeroTech website immediately.

AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is a manufacturer of single-use and reloadable solid and hybrid propellant rocket motors, rocket kits, parts and ground support equipment for the consumer, educational and motion picture special effects markets. AeroTech is a subsidiary of Industrial Solid Propulsion (ISP), Inc. ISP is a high-technology company specialized in the design and manufacture of rocket motors, solid rocket propellant, gas generators and specialty propulsion devices for space, commercial, industrial and military markets. ISP also provides research and development services to various government contractors.
AeroTech Gains New Research and Development Engineer None 11/14/2000 486
Text: AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Blatzheim as it’s new Research and Development Engineer.

Jason joins the AeroTech team with over 16 years experience with propellant design and manufacture, including black powder and composite motors.

His last independent project, a Hott Rocketts Tomahawk, was powered by a N3000 motor/graphite nozzle configuration of Jason’s own design. This project also included Jason’s brother Nathan and flew to over 8900 feet at the most recent Fireballs launch .

Jason, a Nevada native, from Winnemucca, also brings experience as a business owner and, most recently, as a manager for a large national distribution company. He and his wife, Leila, enjoy outdoor activities (hiking and fishing) when not flying high power rockets.

He is already hard at work, assisting with the Redline and Kosdon by AeroTech projects. Jason’s efforts will assist in the development and introduction of other new AeroTech, Inc. products including the new 4” kit “Sumo”.