Oct. 4, 1997 - The AeroTech Website
There are big changes underway at AeroTech. The web site marks the first of those changes in a move towards the digital age. More and more, AeroTech will become reliant on email and its website for getting information to its customer as fast as possible. We encourage you to look through the entire site. Let us know if there is anything that you see needing to be changed. The site is divided up into several general areas described below.

About AeroTech
Have you ever wondered how AeroTech got started? This area will have info on the history of AeroTech as well as photos and some info about the key people who run the show. Oh, we do plan to put better photos in the 'Key People' area. We snapped these with a digital camera to get them online as fast as possible.

You can find out the latest developments in the new area. We will be listing the latest motors being certified as well as anything else we think you might find interesting.

We decided to give away some free stuff. Get your econojet buttons while they last. Quantities are limited. Also, take a look at our T-shirt drawing. These shirts will become the envy of everyone at the launch.

The biggest area on the web site is dedicated to an extensive listing of our product line. We have all the rocket kits, accessories, and motors. The motor area includes specific motor information, performance curves, and instructions.

We've listed all the numbers and addressing you need to contact AeroTech and its authorized dealers in one area. The dealers list will be updated on a regular basis.

Rocket Hobby
This area will be growing over the next year. For starters we have information about the different rocketry organizations recognized by AeroTech, a launch calendar, and more. Watch this area for changes on a weekly basis.