California State Fire Marshal Permits sale and use of 'G' Motors (again)

11/10/94 The California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) has once again authorized the sale of AeroTech 'G' single-use motors and RMS reload kits as "model rocket motors" in California.

AeroTech had originally received CSFM classification of 'G' motors on 10/29/92, only to have it "rescinded" on 6/15/94 after the CSFM learned that the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) had denied an AeroTech petition that, if granted, would have allowed the sale of these products to children. (The CPSC ruled at that time that the definition of "child" was an individual under 18 years of age. AeroTech's recommended minimum age for 'D' through 'G' motors was 16 years.)

The CSFM rendered today's decision after realizing that California law already prohibits the sale of any model rocket motor larger than 'C' size to individuals under 18 years of age, that the CPSC does not regulate the sale of rocket motor products to adults under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA), and that the CSFM could therefore classify 'G' motors without conflict with federal regulations.

AeroTech rocket motors and reload kits classified by the CSFM as "model rocket motors" pursuant to this announcement are:

24mm Single-use

G42-4W, G42-8W, G42-12W
G55-5W, G55-10W, G55-15W
G110-5T, G110-10T, G110-15T

29mm Single-use

G25-5W, G25-10W, G25-15W
G40-4W, G40-7W, G40-10W
G80-4T, G80-7T, G80-10T
G80-4W, G80-7W, G80-10W
G125-5T, G125-10T, G125-15T

29mm Standard Reloadable


RMS-29/40-120 Motor

Reload Kits

E16-4W, E16-7W, E16-10W
E23-5T, E23-8T, E23-11T
F22-5J, F22-7J
F40-4W, F40-7W, F40-10W
F52-5T, F52-8T, F52-11T
G33-5J, G33-7J
G64-4W, G64-7W, G64-10W

29mm HP Reloadable


RMS-29/60 Motor

Reload Kits

F37W-S, F37W-M, F37W-L
F62T-S, F62T-M, F62T-L


RMS-29/100 Motor

Reload Kits

G54W-S, G54W-M, G54W-L
G104T-S, G104T-M, G104T-L

32mm Reloadable

Reload Kits


All other single-use motors, RMS hardware and reload kits previously announced as CSFM-classified retain their classification status (this includes the 18mm, 24mm and 32mm kits).

The CSFM further stated that "The use of all Classified AeroTech Reload Kits are restricted for use only with AeroTech RMS Hardware."

The news will come as welcome relief to the thousands of California rocket enthusiasts who have historically endured more sport rocket regulation than rocket hobbyists in most other states.