December 22, 2000

AeroTech, Inc. is pleased to announce that it’s new REDLINE™ motors are scheduled for spring 2001 release.

Experienced flyers will be able to leverage their existing AeroTech and Dr. Rocket hardware investment with REDLINE™ reloads ranging from the 29mm H170 through the 98mm M2400. In addition, REDLINE™ reloads will be manufactured to fit popular Kosdon TRM hardware sizes. No new hardware required!

Those who have witnessed the 98mm REDLINE™ flight at Balls earlier this year have commented on it’s quick and easy ignition, luminous red flame, aggressive thrust (greater than White Lightning and abundant trailing smoke).

REDLINE™ heritage can be traced back over nineteen years of professional rocket motor design and engineering. It shares a common ancestry with motors that have flown in spacecraft and currently used in military applications. Other motors, used as parachute deployment systems, have been attached to ultralight and certified aircraft as life saving devices.

Dealers are now taking preorders for all 29mm through 98mm casing sizes. Special introductory pricing will apply. As the oldest and most trusted names in composite hobby rocket motor manufacturers, AeroTech, Inc. pledges it’s efforts to meeting present, and future, sport rocketry expectations.