December 22, 2000

Great news! AeroTech, Inc. has just received authorization for dealers to ship the greatest percentage of Consumer and Easy Access RMS reload kits by U.S. Mail (Parcel Post).

This means that no hazmat fees will be charged when these reload kits are shipped by surface mail.

Culminating many months of negotiations with the U.S. Mail, this decision eliminates the largest barrier to shipping motors economically and dramatically lowers the cost of acquiring hobby and high power composite motors.

The following is a list of reload kits that may now be shipped by Parcel Post (all delays):

Hobby RMS Easy Access™ RMS
RMS-18/20 RMS-29/60
D13W F37W
D24T F62T
RMS-24/40 RMS-29/100
D9W G54W
D15T G104T
E11J RMS-29/180
E18W H128W
E28T H238T
F12J RMS-29/240
F24W H180W
F39T H220T
RMS-24/20-40 RMS-29/360
D7-RCT I200W

In anticipation of the increased demand that this action will generate, AeroTech has doubled its’ motor production capacity.

Dealers are now receiving shipping instructions and preparing for customer orders.