24mm RMS-R/C Motor and Three Reload Kits are Approved for Sale in California by State Fire Marshal

2/10/97: The California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) recently notified AeroTech that the 24mm Consumer Aerospace model rocket RMS-R/C motor and its three Blue Thunder reload kits have been approved for immediate sale in California.

The RMS-R/C 24/40 hardware and the D7-RCT (20 N-sec.), E7-RCT (30 N-sec.), and the E6-RCT (40 N-sec.) 24mm reload kits are designed for the launching of lightweight (6-8 oz.) radio controlled rocket boosted gliders and provide burn-times from 2 3/4 seconds up to 7 1/4 seconds!

These Blue Thunder reload kits are approved for use only in the AeroTech 24mm RMS-R/C motor hardware.