24mm 20/40 RMS-R/C Reloadable Motor System

Since 1990, more and more of the rocket and R/C glider manufacturers are realizing the pulse-pounding excitement generated by a rocket-boosted aircraft and product has been developed accordingly. And any rocket or R/C aircraft hobbyist who has tried either an AeroTech Phoenix or Estes AstroBlaster can certainly attest to the thrill they experience when the glider is powering to altitude with a rocket motor instead of a high-start or winch.

So with the advent of a number of new rocket-boosted gliders, AeroTech has ready for immediate delivery the exciting 24mm 20/40 RMS-R/C motor and a line of reload kits that will surely meet the needs of every current and future R/C rocket boosted glider (RBG) jock.

Ed LaCroix, Director of Sales, developed the 24 RMS-R/C motor and its reloads with the specific interest of providing a graduated level of boost performance in today's commercially available R/C RBG kits. The 24 RMS-R/C motor, has the flexibility to fly four different NAR certified reload kits; a 20 N-s D7, a 30 N-s E7, and a 40 N-s E6 (all three of which are Blue Thunder end-burners) and a 40 N-s E12 Black Jack slot burner. The D7 burns for 2.75 sec., the E7 for 5.5 sec., and the E6 for a fantastic 7.2 seconds which make them perfect for high performance R/C RBG's like the VectorAero 'Cuda. And in heavier models like the Estes AstroBlaster, StratoBlaster, and Sweet-V, the E12J's 3.3 second burn will easily provide 300-400 foot boost altitudes!

And considering that the per flight cost of a 3-pack of any AeroTech 24mm RMS-R/C reload is decidedly less than the per flight cost of the recommended black-powder 'D' motor; and that the 24 RMS-R/C case is both extremely easy to assemble and shippable by either Parcel Post or UPS to your doorstep, it's clear that we have the best possible propulsion for your R/C RBG.