RMS/Hybrid Flight Demonstrations

2/4/95 Regarding the hottest area of current motor development for the sport rocket enthusiast, and to dispel any misconceptions regarding the existence of AeroTech's RMS/Hybrid motor development program, Gary Rosenfield and Ed LaCroix of AeroTech successfully executed hybrid motor flights at "H" and "I" impulse levels for the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) Board of Directors today at El Dorado Dry Lake near Las Vegas, NV. AeroTech dealer representatives and other high-power enthusiasts and manufacturers were also in attendance.

Both of these flights followed closely on the heels of two other successful RMS/Hybrid flights launched earlier in the week. AeroTech is still batting 100% where the launch and recovery of hybrid boosted vehicles is concerned (six flights to date).

AeroTech has relied exclusively on the Pratt Hobbies ECS-2 for the recovery of its prototype hybrid motor vehicles, and has encountered nothing but reliable operation.

The AeroTech RMS/Hybrid demonstration flights were conducted at the request of the TRA Board as they endeavor to further their knowledge of the rapidly developing technology of hybrid motors. These flights were also preliminary to the upcoming certification and beta-testing efforts planned by the Tripoli Board and the TRA Motor Testing committee.

At this point in the development of the RMS/Hybrid, things look good for a mid 3rd quarter introduction if all goes smoothly with Tripoli Beta testing and certification of the RMS/Hybrid motors.