U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Shipping Classification for High-Power Rocket Motor Reload Kits to AeroTech, Inc.

4/15/94: Today the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued AeroTech, Inc. a shipping classification for its larger (greater than 62.5 grams propellant per propellant cartridge) high-power RMS rocket motor reload kits. This classification authorizes worldwide shipment of all existing 54 and 98mm AeroTech reload kits as well as the 38mm Black Jack kits. A new reload kit, the 54mm long burn J90W, is also covered by the classification. Shipments of reload kits covered by the classification will begin immediately.

The U.N. proper shipping name and number for these kits is "Cartridges, power device, UN0275". The U.N. classification code is 1.3C. Most requirements for packaging and shipment are identical to those currently stipulated for high-power single-use motors. Up to 165 lbs (75 kg) net weight per shipping container may be transported by cargo aircraft carriers, such as Federal Express. There is no such limit for transportation by motor carrier.

This new classification eliminates the inconvenience and expense of AeroTech's previous requirement of having to transport reload kits loaded in their respective hardware sets, and returns AeroTech's high-power RMS motors to their position as the best value and most exciting rocket motor product line on the market today.

AeroTech has other high-power reload kits and motor systems under development that will complement the existing line. These kits will be issued their own shipping approvals in the near future. In addition, AeroTech is continuing to work on a DOT exemption that, if granted, would allow limited quantities of class 1.3C rocket motor products to be shipped as class 1.4, and would permit their transportation by common motor carriers such as UPS.

AeroTech's owners and employees express their sincere appreciation for the patience and support demonstrated by the sport rocket community during the processing of this classification.