May 17, 1999 - Important AeroTech Delay Insulator Information
In an effort to provide the most reliable high power propulsion available to the sport rocket flyer, AeroTech asks that you please copy and distribute the following information to any fellow NAR and/or Tripoli flyer who you feel may not receive it.

Prior to April of 1998, all spiral-wound paper delay insulators packaged in AeroTech's Easy Access 29mm and 38mm high power reload kits possessed a smooth, white paper outer finish. In an effort to eliminate the occasional packaging error associated with these two similar looking but non-interchangeable parts, AeroTech had new 29mm and 38mm spiral-paper delay insulators manufactured in April of 1998, each with its own colored exterior paper. The resulting dark blue 29mm and red 38mm paper delay insulators met all dimensional requirements and began to be packaged in Easy Access 29mm and 38mm reload kits in May of 1998.

However, in the months since the May, 1998 introduction of the colored insulators, AeroTech has received an increasing level of input from the high power rocketry community regarding occasional premature ejection (and other delay related anomalies) of the Easy Access 38mm reload kits packaged with RED spiral-wound paper delay insulators.

Therefore, be aware that effective immediately, 38mm Easy Access/RMS™ reload kits with RED spiral-wound paper delay insulators should not be used and that AeroTech has taken the following steps to address the delay and ejection inconsistencies associated with the 38mm RED delay insulators:

• New 38mm RMS delay insulators meeting the pre-April '98 specifications have been purchased.

• All shipments of AeroTech's 38mm Easy Access/RMS™ reload kits were temporarily suspended on May 5, 1999 to allow all the 38mm RMS reload kits in AeroTech's inventory to be retrofitted with the new, pre-April '98 delay insulators. Effective May 21, 1999, AeroTech's entire 38mm RMS reload kit inventory will have been updated.

• Effective May 17, 1999, this notice was distributed to: all Tripoli Prefectures and NAR Sections; all AeroTech Easy Access dealers; AeroTech's website, Rocketry Online, HPR Magazine, the Tripoli Report, and Sport Rocketry Magazine.

AeroTech Requests That NAR/Tripoli HPR Enthusiasts Take The Following Steps To Insure The Reliability Of Their 38mm Easy Access Reload Kits:

1- Carefully examine the contents of each of your AeroTech Easy Access™ 38mm reload kits and keep an accurate count as to how many kits (if any) contain a RED, 7/8 inch long, spiral-wound paper delay insulator. If any of your 38mm reload kits have RED, 7/8 inch long delay insulators, then move on to #2 below.

IMPORTANT: Any 38mm reload kits that contain white, 7/8 inch long, spiral-wound paper delay insulators, are OK to use.

2- Promptly contact AeroTech and inform us of how many of your 38mm Easy Access reload kits contain the RED, 7/8 inch long, spiral-wound paper delay insulators.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no need to check 29mm model rocket E, F, and G model rocket reload kits as they are not effected!