AeroTech Easy Access High Power a "Grownup" Hit

6/14/95: With activity in adult rocketry continuing to reach new highs, AeroTech took steps this past spring to solidify its hold as the predominant supplier of "grownup" rocket products. "We restructured our broad high power product group and created a new hobby shop line that we call Easy Access RMS high power," says AeroTech's Ed LaCroix. "One of our primary goals", says LaCroix, "is to give hobby retailers and their customers access to the kind of 'horsepower' needed to safely fly many of the four inch and larger rocket kits now being sold in hobby stores across the country." As more hobby retailers experiment with sales of these very large rocket kits, they are learning from their customers that more than 'G' power is often needed for both a safe and exciting flight.

Since Easy Access products consist of AeroTech's entire line of 29mm-38mm high power hardware, 1.4c class RMS high power reload kits and related accessories, power is not hard to find. "Consider AeroTech's top of the line I284 for example," LaCroix suggests, "this particular White Lightning reload for the RMS 38/600 motor can thunder a 7.5" diameter rocket weighing approximately 10 pounds to altitudes approaching one thousand feet! That, is some serious grunt."

While Easy Access RMS motors are certainly versatile, compact, and powerful, hobby shops interested in selling this line (and the rocketeers who will want to use it) will also be happy to know that all eighteen Easy Access RMS high power reload kits are class 1.4c and thereby exempt from BATF licensing and storage requirements.

"Prior to Easy Access, we strongly believed that retail access to 'H' and 'I' class power would be warmly received by the adult rocket enthusiast, and sales now indicate we were right", concludes LaCroix. "Without question high power sales have developed considerable momentum and to the benefit of high power rocketeers everywhere, a widespread Easy Access RMS infrastructure of AeroTech hobby shop and independent dealers should exist by years end."