AeroTech Production Facility Goes On-Line with Compuserve's New "Sport Rocketry' Forum!

7/28/96: AeroTech is excited to announce that its Las Vegas based production facility now has an official presence in Compuserve's new Sport Rocketry forum. Support for the AeroTech, Inc., Compuserve Information Service (CIS) on-line address will be provided by customer service representative Ms. Diane Carlson. Diane may be reached by sending e-mail to:

AeroTech, Inc. 102005,1727 (

Diane's on-line assistance to individuals, customers, dealers, and distributors will span the following areas:

· Consumer Aerospace (model rocket), Easy Access/RMS, RMS/Hybrid, and Restricted Access/RMS catalog requests;

· Product availability;

· Order delivery status;

· Warranty issues;

· and suggestions for product/service improvements.

AeroTech requests that its customers please allow Diane 2-3 business days to generate a response to all questions and inquiries.

And AeroTech wishes to remind people currently utilizing Compuserve that AeroTech, Inc.'s Sales and Marketing Director Ed LaCroix (71441,1111) can also be found exclusively in the Sport Rocketry forum.

AeroTech will be posting all news releases and new product announcements in the Sport Rocketry forum's General Section 1. A summary download of the messages in Section 1 will guarantee that you don't miss any of AeroTech's information or new product releases.

Please come join AeroTech in the Sport Rocketry forum on Compuserve soon! We look forward to answering your questions about our entire line of Consumer Aerospace model rocket products; Easy Access/RMS and Restricted Access/RMS Reloadable Motor Systems for high power rocketry, and our extensive line of disposable motors and RMS reload kits which deliver the performance your rocketry demands!