Five New Easy Access /RMS Rocket Motor Reload Kits Now Shipping!

7/28/96: With the high power enthusiast's demand for expansion of the Easy Access line of RMS motors and reload kits at a fever pitch, AeroTech is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the following new 29mm and 38mm products:

29/240 - 4 grain - H220T Blue Thunder - 210 N-sec

38/480 - 4 grain - I300T Blue Thunder - 440 N-sec

38/600 - 5 grain - I160J Black Jack - 450 N-sec

38/600 - 5 grain - I400T Blue Thunder - 550 N-sec

38/720 - 6 grain - J350 White Lightening - 700 N-sec!

All five reloads are certified and therefore can be used by both Tripoli and NAR members holding the appropriate high power certifications.

Pricing information and performance data on the five new reload kits (including the HOT new Easy Access/ Level 2 38/720 "J" motor) has been supplied to all of AeroTech's high power dealers. Contact your favorite dealer immediately for additional details on how to purchase these latest Grunt generators!.