38/720 Easy Access /RMS Rocket Motor & J350W Reload Kit Re-Solidifies High Power!

7/28/96: High power just keeps getting easier...

@ LDRS-15 AeroTech greeted participants with the unexpected development of an all new 38mm "J" class Easy Access/RMS motor and reload kit! Dubbed Easy Access/Level 2, the new six grain White Lightning "J350" reload kit debuted as already certified for use by Tripoli and NAR members holding the appropriate high power certifications.

Generating 700 N-sec. of Grunt, the J350W reload can easily hurl a LOC Bruiser to 1500'+ as a result of its 170 lb. peak thrust and 2 second burn time! Reliable operation of this high-test motor (which required the design of an all new molded nozzle and 38mm RMS aft closure) was clearly demonstrated as almost two dozen J350W's scorched into South Carolina's blue skies during the four action-packed days of LDRS-15.

One question regarding the new 38/720 RMS motor that AeroTech has been asked since its introduction is whether the new aft closure design will work with the nozzles supplied in our remaining 38mm (240-600) reload kits. And the answer is that AeroTech is continuing to test and evaluate the compatibility of the new aft closure with all other 38mm reload kits and that we will announce the results of our testing as soon as possible.

Pricing information and performance data on the Easy Access/ Level 2 J350W has been supplied to all of AeroTech's high power dealers. Contact your favorite dealer immediately for additional details on how to purchase this premier Grunt generator!