January, 1998 – Update on New Rocket Motor Releases
There are a number of new motors being released by AeroTech. Check out the
specs below. Click on the motor name for a thrust curve.

J390HW Turbo™ Hybrid Reload Kit. This 54mm 5-grain Easy Access™ reload kit was recently certified by Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) and is available NOW from AeroTech and its authorized dealers at only $49.95 each. This reload
has been flown at numerous launches around the country over the past year or so, including a 5-cluster flight in the "High Five" rocket at the H.O.T. launch near Waco, Texas! It is the only Easy Access™ full-range 'J' motor on the market, and fits the existing 54mm RMS/Hybrid™ motor hardware.
Diameter: 54mm (2.125")
Length: 27.9"
Hardware Weight: 902 g (1.99 lb)
Loaded Motor Weight: 1,740g (3.84 lb)
Total Impulse (Max.): 1,280 N-sec

M845HW Turbo™ Hybrid Motor and Reload Kit.
This TMT certified motor uses the 2-grain (L952) 98mm motor case and a 1.75 lb nitrous oxide (N2O) cylinder. Both William Walby and Robin Meredith recently certified to Level 3 on this motor. Availability of both motor hardware and reload kit is currently planned for early 1998.
Diameter: 98mm (3.875")
Length: 31.3"
Hardware Weight: 2,545 g (5.61 lb)
Loaded Motor Weight: 6,833 g (15.05 lb)
Total Impulse (Max.): 6,500 N-sec

N2000W White Lightning Reload Kit. TMT certified this 98mm 6-grain reload kit which was flown at the recent BALLS and Delamar launches, and was displayed at LDRS-16 and Black Rock 9. Dr. Rocket will be manufacturing the first sets of RMS™-98/15360 hardware required for this reload. Availability
of the reload kit is planned for early 1998.
Diameter: 98mm (3.875")
Length: 41.70"
Hardware Weight: 3,204 g (7.06 lb)
Loaded Motor Weight: 12,412 g (27.36 lb)
Total Impulse (Max.): 14,000 N-sec