Easy Access RMS 38/480 Reloadable Rocket Motor and Reloading Kits Receive Forward Seal Disc Update

Effective 8/1/97, AeroTech begins updating the Easy Access RMS 38/480 reloadable rocket motor and its reload kits (the I154 Black Jack, I211 White Lightning and I300 Blue Thunder) to require the use of the RMS 38mm forward seal disc (P/N #38601) in the reloading process.

This step has been taken to minimize the chance of "blistering" the exterior surface of the 480 motor casing just below the forward closure threads due to excess hot gas flow between the 38mm phenolic liner (made looser fitting back in August, 1996 in an effort to eliminate tight fitting liner) and the inner surface of the aluminum casing during combustion. By making the forward seal disc a required part of 38/480 motor assembly, AeroTech will drastically reduce future occurrences of this form of motor casing damage, thus insuring the long-term safety and reliability of this particular RMS motor.

To incorporate the 38mm forward seal disc in the RMS 38/480 line of products will mean the retail price of the RMS 38/240-480 system set will increase $10.00 to $159.95 and include a forward seal disc (the 38/240 and 380 motors will not use the seal disc as they utilize incompatible paper case liners). The 38/480 motor and casing will both include a forward seal disc with each increasing in retail price $10.00 to $106.95 and $46.95 respectively.

Also, the I154J, I211W and I300T reload kits will be changed by the removal of one fiber insulator washer and the addition of a 1 5/16 O.D. x 1/16 inch thick forward seal disc o-ring. The cost of 38/480 reload kits will remain unchanged at $29.95.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For those current owners of RMS 38/240-480 systems, 38/480 motors or 38/480 cases who will need a forward seal disc in order to use the updated 38/480 reload kits, AeroTech is extending the following special offer:

For a period of one year, beginning August 1, 1997 owners of AeroTech Easy Access high power products may purchase directly from AeroTech, up to six (6) "480 Update Kits" for $5.00 ea. including postage. (The "480 Update Kit" includes a 38mm forward seal disc, six seal disc o-rings, and a copy of a new RMS 480-720 reload kit assembly instruction sheet) You may simply call, fax, or write AeroTech with your order for "480 Update Kits". This special offer ends August 1, 1998 and is not available through AeroTech Easy Access dealers.