RMS/Hybrid High-Power Motor Concludes Beta-testing

Dateline Las Vegas, NV 9/17/95

AeroTech is extremely pleased to announce that by a majority vote of the Tripoli Rocketry Association Board of Directors, the RMS/Hybrid 54/300-900 high power motor has been released from its beta-testing program effective 18 September, 1995! Once the RMS/Hybrid has been tested and certified according to the requirements of NFPA 1127 Code for High Power Rockets, it will be available for purchase by any Level 2 certified member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Given the pent-up consumer demand for an Easy Access "J" class motor, AeroTech is vigorously pursuing the certification of the RMS/Hybrid 54/300-900 motor and expects testing to have been concluded by November 1, 1995.

AeroTech wishes everyone to know that during its period of beta-testing, the RMS/Hybrid 54/300-900 motor performed flawlessly; no beta-tester experienced:

- N2O leakage of an assembled motor prior to ignition,

- a misfire, and several different igniters were used (match w/black powder, match w/thermalite, Magnalite),

- or less than expected thrust and impulse delivery (even when loaded flight cylinders were known to have warmed beyond the 98° critical temperature of N2O).

Many aspects of the AeroTech RMS/Hybrid's cutting-edge design were fine-tuned as a result of the beta-test process. The following is a current overview of the AeroTech RMS/Hybrid motor that will soon be shipping:

The RMS/Hybrid will be sold in one motor or upgrade configuration only, the 54/300-900, due to the users ability to partially fill the flight cylinder and fly a range of recommended impulse levels. AeroTech will offer the 300cc and 150cc flight cylinders as accessories to the RMS/Hybrid system.

AeroTech wishes to express its *sincere* appreciation to those people who not only chose to participate in the beta-testing of the RMS/Hybrid motor but took the time to provide AeroTech with vital motor performance documentation. Without their valued assistance the RMS/Hybrid might still be in beta-testing.