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Level 1 Promotion Offer
In cooperation with Dr. Rocket and Rouse-Tech, AeroTech is offering a special combination package to NAR and Tripoli Level 1 certification customers, available only through its authorized high-power RMS™ dealer network.

The combination package part #29L1P includes one H128W-M reload kit and one specially-marked RMS-29/180 reloadable motor hardware for the low price of only $19.95. This offer is for individuals seeking Level 1 certification only, and customers must present their Level 1 paperwork to the dealer prior to purchase.

The following dealers are participating in the Level 1 promotion:

Adventure Hobbies, Chandler, AZ 480-722-9365
Al's Hobby Shop, Elmhurst, IL 630-832-4908
CLE Enterprises, Houston, TX 281-856-9967
Commonwealth Displays, Southgate, MI 734-282-1055
Giant Leap Rocketry, Baton Rouge, LA 225-769-6040
New Horizons Hobbies, Howey in the Hills, FL 407-970-9110
Red Arrow Hobbies, Stevensville, MI, Ph 269-429-8233
Rocketmotion/Mojave Desert, Bakersfield, CA 661-588-6922
Scale Rockets, Vista, CA 760-224-0950
Science Education Center, Wichita, KS 316-682-1921
Sunriver Nature Center, Sunriver, OR 541-598-4406
What's up Hobbies-Santee, CA 619-258-2537

Quantities are limited, and no selection of hardware color or manufacturer may be made. Depending on the success of the program, AeroTech may choose to expand availability or extend the length of this promotion.

AeroTech wishes to thank Dr. Rocket and Rouse-Tech for their participation in this special offer.

K250W Single-Use Motor Production Update
In October of 2004, AeroTech began taking orders for a planned re-release of the 54mm fiberglass-cased K250W single-use high-power rocket motor. Since then, AeroTech's phenolic and fiberglass casing and liner suppliers have either gone out of business or have sold their product lines to other companies. AeroTech has obtained a sample of fiberglass casing from an alternate manufacturer, and will be running tests using this casing, but is skeptical of the performance and reliability of the material in production quantities.

AeroTech at one time used an aluminum case for the K250W, and later switched to a fiberglass casing in compliance with the terms of DOT-E 10996 (now DOT-SP 10996), an exemption that AeroTech obtained from the the DOT in the mid-'90s. This exemption allows motors and reload kits containing more than 62.5 grams of propellant to be shipped economically via carriers such as FedEx and UPS.

In order to expedite the re-introduction of the K250W and also enable use of the shipping exemption, the motor is being redesigned using a "hybrid" of single-use and reloadable technologies. That is, the new K250W will combine a conventional motor reloading kit with a one-time use aluminum casing and existing 54mm AeroTech, Dr. Rocket or Rouse-Tech RMS™ end closures (closures not included).

AeroTech is actively engaged in the redesign process and is currently awaiting the receipt of new EX-numbers from the DOT that will permit the shipment of the new configuration. Samples will be sent to the Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee shortly after the shipping approval is received.

The price of the redesigned K250W will remain the same as previously announced at $249.95.

AeroTech appreciates the patience of its customers as this issue is resolved, and apologizes for the frustration and inconvenience the delay has caused.

F21W Econojet Motors Placed on Production Hold
AeroTech's 24mm F21W single-use Econojet motors have been placed on production hold. AeroTech has been unable to obtain phenolic casing of sufficient quality and quantity to continue manufacturing them using the current design. As a result, F21Ws have been removed from all current in-house orders.

AeroTech has designed casing and bulkhead molds similar to those used to manufacture the 29mm standard and Econojet motors, which could be used to create parts for future F21W production. The time frame for implementation of the new design is uncertain. AeroTech will notify its customers if and when the F21Ws are re-released.

AeroTech apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused its customers.

Originally Posted 8/10/05, Updated 11/14/05
AeroTech Develops Drilling Adapter For Adjusting RMS-Plus™ Delays

AeroTech has designed a Delay Drilling Adapter (DDA) that permits the adjustment of AeroTech 29 & 38mm high-power RMS-Plus™ delay elements using the CTI™ ProDAT™ 38mm delay drilling device (ProDAT™ not included, available separately from CTI™ dealers).

Using the AeroTech DDA is simple. First, set the ProDAT™ tool for the desired number of seconds to be reduced from the delay. Then, insert the DDA into the tool and drop the RMS-Plus™ delay element into the well at the bottom of the DDA. Hold the delay in the DDA well with your finger, and rotate the adjustment tool for a few revolutions until the delay setting is complete. The delay element must be installed in the motor with the drilled end facing the propellant.

The depth of drilling required per second of delay reduction is slightly different when using the CTI™ device to drill AeroTech delays. NOTE: Testing has determined that the previous announced calibration numbers were in error, when the delays were installed with the drilled end facing the propellant as recommended. The following numbers have been updated: A label on the AeroTech DDA translates the ProDAT™ settings to the equivalent RMS-Plus™ delay time reduction: -3 seconds reduction for CTI™ motor delays is -2 seconds for AeroTech delays, -5 seconds reduction for CTI™ is -4 seconds for AeroTech, -7 seconds reduction for CTI™ is -6 seconds for AeroTech. and the -9 seconds reduction for CTI™ is -8 seconds for AeroTech.

It is recommended that AeroTech delays not be shortened to less than 4 seconds actual delay time. Users should keep in mind that pyrotechnic time delay tolerance may be up to +/- 20% of the stated value.

The AeroTech DDA (P/N T062705-1) will be available from AeroTech's high-power RMS™ product dealers in November, at a suggested retail price of $19.95.

AeroTech Clothing Available Again

AeroTech clothing (also known as "AeroWear") is available again on the AeroTech webstore.

The items currently available for purchase include the AeroTech hat and the embroidered AeroTech polo shirt. Made of thick black cotton, the AeroTech hat features gold trim and an embroidered AeroTech logo.

The AeroTech polo shirt is fabricated of a thick cotton-poly blend, and features an embroidered AeroTech logo and distinctive yellow & black trim. The polo shirt is currently available in Large, XL and XXL sizes.

Remembering Ray Goodson: 1952-2005

F. R. “Ray” Goodson of San Jose, CA , son of James and Nellie Goodson, passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2005. He was 52.

Ray was a propellant chemist for Pratt & Whitney’s solid rocket propulsion division (formerly known as the Chemical Systems Division of United Technologies Corp.) from the mid-'70s until 2004. He received his degree in Chemistry from San Diego State University. While at Chemical Systems Division, Ray participated in the development of the booster separation motors for NASA’s Space Shuttle and received many patents for his innovative designs.

Ray was a pioneer in modern model and high power rocketry. He was responsible for the modernization of propulsion technology for the Rocket Research Institute (RRI) and designed and built nozzleless HTPB-AP composite propellant motors that were flown to altitudes approaching 90,000 feet at Nevada’s Smoke Creek Desert in the late '70s and early ‘80s.

Another of Ray’s contributions to rocketry was the design of the “C-slot” grain geometry that was subsequently adopted by a number of hobby rocket manufacturers. He also developed unique approaches to some of the chemical processes that challenged the early high-power rocket industry.

Ray was well-known for his unique personality and cantankerous sense of humor. He was a loving, caring and responsible husband, father & friend. Later in life, he took an interest in cooking and enjoyed walking his dog.

He is survived by his loving wife Suzanne, his son Andrew and daughter Kelly, his sisters Ada Van Daele and Judy Goodson.

NEW: Watch videos of Ray's 3" and 5" nozzleless rocket projects from the late '70s in the AeroTech Theatre.

AeroTech Re-releases 24 & 32mm RMS-R/C Reload Kits

AeroTech is re-releasing its 24 & 32mm RMS-R/C model rocket motor reloading kits, which have not been produced since October 2001.

These reloads fill a unique niche in the model rocket propulsion market as they are intended for use in rocket powered gliders and land vehicles only. They are generally designed to produce long-burning thrust profiles to minimize flight stress on lightweight glider airframes.

The D7-RCT (P/N 40700), E7-RCT (P/N 50700), E6-RCT (P/N 50600) and E12-RCJ (P/N 51200) reload kits are designed fit the 24mm diameter AeroTech RMS-R/C 24/20-40 reloadable motor case, which has the same physical dimensions as a black powder 'D' motor but delivers up to 2-1/2 the total impulse (40 N-sec in the case of the E6-RCT).

The F13-RCT (P/N 91613), F16-RCJ (P/N 91616), F23-RCW-SK (P/N 91623) and G12-RCT (P/N 91712) reloads are designed to fit in the 32mm diameter AeroTech RMS-R/C 32/60-100 casing and produce from 60 to 100 N-sec of total impulse. The F23-RCW-SK is intended for robust rocket gliders due to its more aggressive thrust profile, and offers a feature not found in any of the other RMS-R/C reloads: a 15 second smoke tracking charge for "skywriting" after the main propellant charge has burned out.

Since RMS-R/C reload kits do not include a delay or ejection charge, they should not be used in standard model rocket vehicles unless equipped with a timer, altimeter or radio-activated recovery system.

RMS-R/C reload kits are defined as a "model rocket motors" and while no user certification is required, they may only be sold to consumers 18 years of age or older in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations.

All RMS-R/C 24/20-40 reload kits may be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, due to the fact that the reload kit propellant grains contain less than 30 grams of propellant each. The 32mm RMS-R/C 32/60-100 reloads may be shipped via FedEx ground.

Motor and reload kit specifications can be found on pages 12 and 13 of the AeroTech catalog, and the RMS-R/C reload kit instructions (which include thrust curves and additional motor data) are available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

This announcement pertains to the availability of the RMS-R/C reload kits only, which are intended for use in existing RMS-R/C motor hardware manufactured prior to October 2001. A separate announcement concerning the re-introduction of the AeroTech 24 & 32mm RMS-R/C reloadable motor hardware will be made in the near future.

AeroTech Re-releases D21T Single-Use Motors

AeroTech is re-releasing its 18mm D21T single-use model rocket motors, which have not been manufactured since October 2001.

These motors are the same physical size (diameter and length) as a black powder 'C' motor, but produce over twice the total impulse. The D21T also delivers more power than a black powder 'D' motor in a much smaller and lighter form factor. They are perfect for rockets of lightweight construction as well as oversize models that need more impulse than a 'C' motor can provide.

The D21T will be available in 4 and 7 second delays.

The D21T is defined as a "model rocket motor" and while no user certification is required, they are recommended for consumers 16 years of age or older.

The D21T can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, due to the fact that the motor contains less than 30 grams of propellant.

Click here to download a copy of the D21T instructions (including a thrust curve and other motor data) in PDF format.

AeroTech Receives New California State Fire Marshal Approvals

The California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has issued classification approvals for a number of AeroTech motors. They include the following:

Model Rocket Single-Use
F42-4T (#64204), 6T (#64208) Econojet
F26-6FJ (#62606), 9FJ (#62609) Standard

Model Rocket Reloadable
G77R-S, M (#07077M, uses the RMS-29/120 case)
G79W-S, M, L (#07079M, uses the RMS-29/120 case)
G61W-S, M, L (#07061M, uses the RMS-38/120 case)
G67R-S, M (#07067M, uses the RMS-38/120 case)
NOTE: The G77R and G79W reloads use the Easy Access™ high-power line RMS-29/120 case, not the model rocket RMS-29/40-120 case.

High-Power Reloadable
I600R-M (#09600M, uses the RMS-38/720 case)
K780R-P (#11780P, uses the RMS-75/2560 case)
L1150R-P (#12115P, uses the RMS-75/3840 case)
L1420R-P (#12142P, uses the RMS-75/5120 case)
M1297W-P (#13129P, uses the RMS-75/5120 case)
K680R-P (#11680P, uses the RMS-98/2560 case)
L1300R-P (#12130P, uses the RMS-98/5120 case)

The approvals allow the sale and use of these rocket motors and reload kits by California consumers. A copy of the new California OSFM approvals may be downloaded in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library or by clicking here.

AeroTech Product Notice- Incorrect Instructions Included With G77R and G67R RMS™ Reload Kits

It has been brought to our attention that a number of RMS-29/120 G77R and RMS-38/120 G67R reload kits were shipped to dealers with incorrect instruction inserts. Specifically, the inner pages of these instructions were reversed (38mm instructions in the 29mm G77R and 29mm instructions in the 38mm G67R). This error has been corrected in current production. Customers who have purchased G77R and G67R reload kits with the erroneous instructions are advised to download PDFs of the correct inserts from the "Instructions" page of the AeroTech Resource Library.

Apogee RockSim Rocket Kit Files Posted

RockSim-compatible .rkt files for all AeroTech kits have been posted to the Resource Library under the "RockSim Motor and Kit Data" heading.

AeroTech Re-releases E15W Single-Use Motors

AeroTech has re-released its 24mm E15W single-use model rocket motors, which have not been manufactured since October 2001.

These motors were very popular with consumers due to the fact they are the same physical size (diameter and length) as a black powder 'D' motor, but produce over twice the total impulse. The E15W also delivers more power than a black powder 'E' motor in a significantly shorter casing. They are perfect for rockets of lightweight construction as well as oversize models that need that extra bit of power.

The E15W is available in 4 and 7 second delays and in a "plugged" configuration with no delay or ejection charge. The plugged version can be used in robust rocket powered gliders such as the HobbyLab™ SR-71 Blackbird.

The E15W is defined as a "model rocket motor" and while no user certification is required, they are recommended for consumers 16 years of age or older.

The E15W can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, due to the fact that the motor contains less than 30 grams of propellant.

Click here to download a copy of the E15W instructions (including a thrust curve and other motor data) in PDF format.

AeroTech Announces NAR Certification of F42T Econojet™, F26FJ Standard Single-Use Motors

The National Association of Rocketry's (NAR) Standards and Testing (S&T) Committee has certified two new AeroTech single-use rocket motors, the 29mm F42T Econojet™ and the 29mm F26FJ standard line.

The F42T uses AeroTech's fast burning Blue Thunder™ propellant, and the F26FJ uses AeroTech's fast Black Jack™ propellant also known as Black Max™.

The F26-6FJ and F42-4T will work with AeroTech's Initiator™, HV Arcas™, Strong Arm™ and Wart-Hog™ rocket kits. The F26-9FJ and F42-8T will work with the Mustang™, Arreaux™, IQSY Tomahawk™, Cheetah™ and Barracuda™ kits.

Motor designation: F42-4T, 8T Econojet™ F26-6FJ, 9FJ Standard
Motor diameter: 29mm (1.125”) 29mm (1.125")
Motor length: 83mm (3.28”) 98mm (3.88")
Total impulse (max): 55 N-sec. 65 N-sec.
Burn time: 1.3 seconds 2.5 seconds
Propellant weight: 27.0 grams 43.1 grams
Propellant type: Blue Thunder™ Black Max™
Loaded weight: 76 grams 101 grams
Retail Price: $35.95 (2-pack) $21.95 each

The F42T and F26FJ are defined as "model rocket motors" and while no user certification is required, they are recommended for consumers 16 years of age or older.

The F42T can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, due to the fact that the motors contain less than 30 grams of propellant each. AeroTech's dealers and distributors have been notified of the new motors' pending certification and production and motors should be available for purchase by consumers in mid-May.

Click here to download a copy of the F42T instructions (including a thrust curve and other motor data) in PDF format. Click here to download a copy of the F26FJ instructions.

New AeroTech Consumer Aerospace Catalog Now Available

The AeroTech Consumer Aerospace 2005-2006 product catalog is now available for free download in PDF format.

The catalog features all new rocket action photos taken by well-known sport rocket photographer Nadine Kinney and Extreme Rocketry Magazine's Brent McNeely. All single-use motor and RMS™ reload kit time-thrust curves are now presented in an easier-to-read format with fewer gridlines. The motor data and thrust curves have been expanded to include all currently available Redline™ reload kits, and the new RMS-29/120 and 38/120 motors and reload kits (including the RMS-29/120 G77R and G79W, and the 38/120 G61W and G67R reloads). Finally, motor technical data, thrust curves, projected altitudes and product photography have been updated for the new molded case Econojet™ and standard hobby line single-use motors.

The AeroTech Consumer Aerospace product catalog may be downloaded from the AeroTech Resource Library or by clicking here.

Rouse-Tech Authorized as New AeroTech Hardware Manufacturer

AeroTech has authorized Rouse-Tech of San Jose, CA as a new manufacturer of AeroTech-licensed reloadable rocket motor hardware including forward closures, casings, and aft closures.

Gary Rosenfield, President of RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), Inc. stated "I'm really excited that Tom is licensed with RCS as an RMS™ hardware manufacturer. Tom has accumulated a great deal of business experience over many years with his contracting company and more recently with his Rouse-Tech line of CO2 deployment devices, which I believe is directly applicable toward running a successful rocket motor hardware business. I look forward to working with Tom to help improve the availability, quality and diversity of RMS™ hardware."

For the 2005 flying season, Rouse-Tech will be manufacturing the complete line of AeroTech hardware which will include the smaller sizes of 18mm, 24mm and 29mm hardware sets. Rouse-Tech hardware will be available in two types: Standard Gold anodized hardware (which will feature a unique "hard anodized" aft closure) as well as Deluxe Hard Anodized hardware (forward closure, case and aft closure manufactured with military spec hard anodizing). The special order Deluxe Hard Anodized hardware will be much tougher than normal hardware, having higher heat tolerances and being extremely difficult to scratch.

Dealers may contact Rouse-Tech immediately to place orders. The product will be available for shipment at the end of April for the smaller sizes and in early May for the larger sizes. A large stock of all hardware will be kept to insure that all dealers and flyers will be able to receive hardware in less than a week after orders are received. Rocketeers wanting new hardware with the improved rear closure coatings, contact your dealer as soon as possible to place orders in time for the flying season. For more information call (408) 268-7440 or email Tom Rouse at dadio1@speakeasy.net.

AeroTech Endorses Consumer Adjustment of RMS™ Delays

In response to recent customer requests and in order to acknowledge and legitimize a long-standing consumer practice, AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is publicly endorsing the now-common technique of drilling rocket motor pyrotechnic delay columns to achieve specific and different motor time delays.

The practice originated nearly 30 years ago with the advent of modern single-use composite propellant rocket motors, and was adopted by many users as a means to tailor a motor's stock pyrotechnic time delay to a particular rocket's expected flight characteristics. When the first reloadable motors were introduced by AeroTech in 1990, flyers easily applied the modification method to the separate modular delay columns that were packaged in the motor reloading kits.

Detailed RMS™ delay modification instructions may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. A cross-reference chart listing the length of each certified time delay for every AeroTech model rocket, Easy Access™ high power and Restricted Access™ high power RMS™ reload kit may be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. These files are also available in the AeroTech Resource Library under the "Catalogs, Flyers and Data Sheets" and "Instructions" headings.

Apogee RockSim Files Posted

RockSim-compatible .eng files for AeroTech and Kosdon-by-AeroTech (KBA) motors have been posted to the Resource Library under the "RockSim Motor Data" heading.

The AeroTech.eng file now includes data for the newly-redesigned F & G single-use motors.