Contents of a typical RMS Reload Kit
AeroTech revolutionized the rocket industry in 1990 with the invention of its Reloadable Motor System (patented). Now you can enjoy the advantages of composite propellant rocketry at greatly reduced cost with the RMS invented by AeroTech. Using professional rocket motor technology, AeroTech makes the reloadable rocket motor with integral delay and ejection charge a reality.

Each RMS precision machine anodized aluminum motor can be flown again and again with easy to use composite propellant reload kits. AeroTech reload kit prices are far below the prices of single-use composite motors.

Typical RMS Motor Hardware
After purchasing one Reloadable Motor System (RMS), you choose from a series of replaceable propellant modules. A new module can be easily installed in a few minutes. RMS motors reflect the same reliability, quality, and professional design that have become the trademark of AeroTech products. By making most of the expensive parts of the motor reusable, the cost per flight is greatly reduced. In addition, RMS motors produce far less non-biodegradable waste than single-use motors. The basic design of the RMS motors also permits performance characteristics simple, not feasible with single-use motors.