Typical RMS/Hybrid Hardware
Welcome to the future! The AeroTech RMS/Hybrid Reloadable Motor System is the world's first commercially available reloadable hybrid propellant rocket motor and has successfully completed the Tripoli Rocketry Association's beta-testing and motor certification programs. The RMS/Hybrid is a reliable, versatile and cost-effective means of powering your high-power rocket vehicles that will grow with you as you expand your rocketry horizons. Each RMS/Hybrid motor is capable of delivering a wide range of programmable time-thrust profiles, and is easily converted to conventional solid propellant operation with AeroTech's standard RMS High Power reload kits!

A hybrid propellant rocket motor employs separated propellant ingredients in two different physical states (generally the fuel is a solid while the oxidizer is a liquid). In AeroTech's RMS/Hybrid motor design, pressurized liquefied nitrous oxide (N2O) is employed as the oxidizer while cellulose (C6H10O5) is utilized as the solid fuel (patent pending). Advantages of hybrid propellant technology for the high-power rocket enthusiast include markedly lower cost per flight than solid propellants, less restrictive shipping regulations and elimination of the need to comply with various aspects of the federal explosive laws that currently plague the purchasing and storage of large solid propellant rocket motors.

RMS/Hybrid motors use a high pressure aluminum alloy cylinder to store the liquefied nitrous oxide oxidizer prior to flight. The cylinder/valve assembly is mated to a standard RMS 54mm motor casing and aft closure via a specially designed forward closure/N2O injector plate assembly. The forward closure design includes a provision for a combustible Pyrovalve (patented) which restrains the flow of N2O until the moment of ignition.

Like the original solid propellant RMS, each RMS/Hybrid precision machined anodized aluminum rocket motor can be flown again and again with easy to use RMS/Hybrid reload kits.

After purchasing one RMS/Hybrid motor, the owner can choose from a variety of thrust levels produced simply by configuring the forward closure injector plate with either 2, 3 or 4 injection ports or "jets". Owners will find the RMS/Hybrid reload kits inexpensive and easily installed in a few minutes. The nitrous oxide required for use in the RMS/Hybrid motor is widely available at auto performance shops at low cost. And the flight cylinders used for storage of N2O are easily refilled by the user at home or at the launch site. Best of all, no special ground support equipment is required to launch rockets powered by RMS/Hybrid motors!

RMS/Hybrid motors reflect the same reliability, quality and professional design that have become the trademark of AeroTech's solid propellant RMS products. By making most of the expensive parts of the motor reusable, the cost per flight is greatly reduced. In addition, RMS motors produce far less non-biodegradable waste than single-use motors. The basic design of the RMS motors also permits performance characteristics simply not feasible with single-use motors.

Because RMS/Hybrid motors are of modular design, each reliable and durable motor can use a range of forward closure injector plate configurations and RMS/Hybrid reload kits, including the spectacular EFX and Turbo reloads! RMS/Hybrid means unprecedented user interaction, savings and enjoyment!

When you add it all together, the RMS/Hybrid is an unbeatable value combining price, quality, innovation, interaction, performance and support.