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Redesigned Econojet F20W Released After Beta Testing
AeroTech has released a new F20W Econojet motor for manufacturing and distribution, after a series of successful pre-release "beta tests" this Summer at LDRS-22 in Argonia, KS and NARAM-45 in Evansville, IN.

The new Econojets are completely redesigned and utilize a one-piece molded glass-phenolic case and nozzle unit with a matching molded bulkhead. The bulkhead is retained in the case with a threaded joint, and a small amount of adhesive is used to seal the interface. Motor hook recesses are molded into the nozzle end of the case.

Customers will not need to peel the paper labels as with the prior design, due to the fact that the motor is .005" smaller in diameter and operates at a lower external temperature (the case is insulated with a thick paper sleeve and a smaller RMS-Plus delay element is used instead of the full-diameter delay). AeroTech is continuing to use paper labels because silkscreen ink does not adhere well to the molded case, and the motor lot number can be printed on the label.

Another new feature is a plastic ejection charge retaining cap in the forward bulkhead. The cap retains the ejection charge in the bulkhead much more securely than in the previous design.

Propellant weight remains at 30 grams, though the motor lost a minor amount of total impulse due to the use of the smaller delay charge. The F20W may still be shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, or by FedEx.

The motors have been in development for approximately three years. AeroTech plans to implement the new configuration in the F23J Black Max Econojet as well, and eventually convert the G35W and G38J Econojet motors to a similar longer molded case assembly.

The redesigned Econojets were reviewed and approved by NAR Standards and Testing over one year ago.
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