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AeroTech Announces Certification of `G`-Power Redline™ Reload Kits
The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee has certified two new AeroTech Reloadable Motor System (RMS) reload kits. These reloads are the 29mm G77R and the 38mm G67R, and are the first Redline™ reload kits released by AeroTech in the `G`-power class.

The G77R uses two standard Redline™ grains from the 29mm high power RMS line, and the G67R uses a single standard Redline™ 38mm RMS grain. Both reload kits are shipped with a FirstFire™ two-lead igniter.

The two `G` reloads fit new RMS casings that were introduced earlier this year by AeroTech and Dr. Rocket/Reloadable Systems. These cases are compatible with existing 29 & 38mm high power closures. The G77R is NOT compatible with the 29/40-120 model rocket RMS hardware.

Motor designation: G77R-S, M G67R-S, M
Hardware designation: RMS-29/120 RMS-38/120
Motor diameter: 29mm (1.125”) 38mm (1.500")
Motor length: 105 N-sec.) 110 N-sec.
Total impulse (max): 1.4 seconds 1.6 seconds
Burn time: 55.4 grams 57.6 grams
Propellant weight: Redline™ Redline™
Propellant type: 155 grams 191 grams
Loaded weight: 5.90" 4.19"
Retail Price: $13.95 $13.95

The G77R and G67R reloads qualify as "model rocket motors" and no user certification is required, though purchasers must be 18 years of age or older in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations.

The 29mm G77R can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, due to the fact that the individual propellant grains weigh less than 30 grams each.

Click here to download a copy of the G77R instructions (including a thrust curve and other motor data) in PDF format. Click here to download a copy of the G67R instructions.
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Single-Use `G` Motors Shipping Again; Design Changes; New Motors
AeroTech is shipping its single-use `G` motors in quantity again for the first time in nearly six months.

Since May of 2004, AeroTech has experienced difficulty in obtaining convolute-wound paper/phenolic motor casing of sufficient quality and quantity for use in the manufacture of its single-use `E`, `F` and `G` motors. As a result, AeroTech made a strategic decision to redesign all of its 29mm "standard" `F` and `G` & Econojet™ `F` single-use motors to utilize a one-piece molded case and nozzle configuration similar to that currently used in the F20W Econojets, which have been in production since August of 2003. This decision required a substantial investment of company resources including many hours of research and development efforts and large amounts of capital for new molds and inventory.

The redesigned G40Ws began shipping the week of 10/11/04, and the G80Ts will begin production in early November. The G38FJ Econojet will become a "standard" motor at the same price as the G40W. The redesigned F23FJ Econojets have been released for production as well. Molds for the new F25W and F50Ts are being fabricated and motor production is expected to begin after the first of the year. The G35W Econojets have been discontinued, as it is no longer practical to produce an "economy" `G` motor using the new design.

In related news, a Blue Thunder™ Econojet in the same form factor as the F20W and a Black Max™ motor in the same case as the F25W are under development and will be released once testing and NAR certification is complete.

AeroTech is also in the process of transitioning over to a alternative burn rate catalyst used in its Blue Thunder and Redline™ propellants that has greater stability and storage compatibility with RMS-Plus™ delays than the chemical currently being used. However, this catalyst is five times the expense of the old catalyst and adds a substantial cost to the finished propellant. The performance characteristics of the propellant will not change beyond permitted manufacturing tolerances.

Due to the above mentioned redesign, reformulation and general increases in the price of materials, labor, insurance and other costs of doing business, a number of AeroTech single-use motors, RMS™ reload kits, starter sets and rocket kits will be subject to a price adjustment. Download the latest AeroTech retail price lists from the Resource Library for details on the specific products affected.
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AeroTech and RCS Played a Role in Winning X Prize
RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS) Inc. and its AeroTech Consumer Aerospace Division played a role in the success of each of the recent flights of SpaceShipOne and the winning of the $10 million Ansari X Prize by Scaled Composites of Mojave, CA, the designer and builder of SpaceShipOne.

Since 2000, AeroTech and RCS have provided solid propellant and phenolic nozzles to SpaceDev of Poway, CA, the hybrid rocket motor contractor to Scaled Composites. SpaceDev used AeroTech`s Blue Thunder propellant and RCS phenolic nozzles in the construction of the igniters used to initiate SpaceShipOne`s hybrid rocket motor during each flight.

According to Michael Veno, engineering analyst for SpaceDev, "The selection of AeroTech and RCS products was important to SpaceDev`s winning the propulsion contract for Scaled Composite`s SpaceShipOne over the Environmental Aerosciences (EAC) competing design. During development, AeroTech and RCS products became the obvious choice for use in SpaceShipOne`s ignition system based on past experience on smaller hybrid rocket motors designed for changing the orbits of small spacecraft. The SpaceDev rocket motor demonstrated more reliable starting characteristics than the EAC motor, which used a gaseous oxygen ignition scheme."

RCS and its AeroTech division join with SpaceDev in congratulating Burt Rutan and his Scaled Composites team in the successful development and historic flights of SpaceShipOne, and their winning of the Ansari X Prize. 
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Webstore Special Available Again
The "Webstore Special" is once again available on the AeroTech webstore. The webstore special consists of the Airspike kit and one pack of two F20-7W Econojet motors. The 1.9" diameter Airspike kit is similar to the AeroTech Mustang but does not include decals and is packaged in a plain white box. The two products are sold bundled together at a special low price of $59.95.
Resource Library Updated
The AeroTech Resource Library has been extensively updated with revised instructions, regulatory documents and two new pages containing assembly and external dimension drawings for nearly all AeroTech RMS motor and reload kit configurations.
AeroTech Re-releases Long-Burn 54mm Reload Kits
AeroTech has re-released its 54mm long-burn Reloadable Motor System™ (RMS™) reload kits, which have not been manufactured since October 2001. These kits were extremely popular with high-power fliers due to their long burn times and their ability to be used in rockets of light weight construction and as upper stages.

Reload kit designation J90W J180T J135W K185W
RMS™ hardware designation 54/852 54/852 54/1280 54/1706
TMT total impulse (N-Sec) 707 764 1069 1417
TMT burn time (sec) 6.85 5 6.83 6.87
Propellant weight (g) 391 398 587 783
Propellant type WL BT WL WL
Motor length (in) 9.99 9.99 13.32 16.65
Loaded motor weight (g) 834 841 1126 1418

Time-thrust curves for these reloads can be viewed on the Tripoli Rocketry
Association website at:

These motors use a variation of the "Moonburning" offset-core grain geometry invented by Bill Wood in the early `80`s. AeroTech`s version employs a rectangular slot offset to one side of the propellant grain to achieve the extended burn time characteristic of the Moonburner design.

While the J180T uses the conventional 54mm RMS™ propellant grain diameter and phenolic liner, the J90W, J135W and K185W reloads utilize a slightly smaller propellant grain, outer phenolic liner and an inner paper liner to protect the casing from the extended exposure to hot combustion gases.

Suggested retail prices for these reload kits will be comparable to the prices of other AeroTech reloads that fit the same RMS™ hardware specifications. Extended length 54mm forward closures must be used with the White Lightning™ reloads to accommodate the longer delay columns that are necessary for these motors.
AeroTech Motors Used in Setting New Tripoli Altitude Record
AeroTech high-power motors were used exclusively by AERO-PAC prefecture member John Rockdale in setting a new Tripoli Rocketry Association record for `M` class altitude. John flew his "Tupelo" rocket at the Mudroc launch held at Nevada`s Black Rock Desert on Saturday June 19, 2004. The flight was also a record for all Tripoli motor classes. According to the on-board RDAS GPS instrumentation, John`s rocket achieved a maximum altitude of 44,958 feet (13,707 meters) AGL. Both stages were recovered intact.

Specifications of the rocket are as follows:
Booster: 75mm custom Dynacom
Booster motor: AeroTech M1315W reloadable
Booster liftoff wt.: 25.0 lb
Sustainer: 54mm ShadowAero "Shock Value"
Sustainer motor: AeroTech K250W single-use
Sustainer wt.: 9.5 lb
Rocket length: 144"
Staging coast time: 4 sec.
Booster electronics: ALTACC plus Adept ES231MH stager
Sustainer Deployment: Rouse-Tech CD-3 CO2 device
Instrumentation: RDAS "Kompakt" with GPS expansion board
Tracking: Walston transmitter & receiver

Apogee as determined by the RDAS occurred at T+54 seconds. The sustainer was recovered 2.8 miles from the launch site. The paint near the nose cone tip was softened from aerodynamic heating and had flowed down the cone for a length of about 2".

More information can be found on John Rockdale`s website at

AeroTech joins AERO-PAC in congratulating John on his excellent record-setting flight!

NEW!! Click here to view a video of John`s Tupelo flight in MPEG format, with a split screen showing simulated RDAS telemetry data on the right side of the screen and the rocket`s flight as filmed from the ground on the left. The cool part is watching it stage and seeing the corresponding spike on the acceleration trace (video is 6.9 MB).
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AeroTech Announces Certification of Three New Reload Kits
The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee has certified three new Reloadable Motor System (RMS) reload kits. These reloads are the 29mm G79W, 38mm G61W and the 38mm I600R.

Motor designation: G79W-S, M, L G61W-S, M, L I600R-M
Hardware designation: RMS-29/120 RMS-38/120 RMS-38/720
Motor diameter: 29mm (1.125”) 38mm (1.500") 38mm (1.500)
Total impulse (max): 115 N-sec. 120 N-sec. 640 N-sec.
Burn time: 1.5 seconds 1.9 seconds 1.1 seconds
Propellant weight: 58.6 grams 60.9 grams 323.7 grams
Propellant type: White Lightning White Lightning Redline
Loaded weight: 158 grams 194 grams 617 grams
Motor Length: 5.90" 4.19" 13.57"
Retail Price: $12.95 $12.95 $53.95

The G79W uses two standard grains from the 29mm high power RMS line, and the G61W uses a single standard 38mm RMS grain. The I600R uses standard length 38mm Redline grains that have been modified to reduce the motor output to just under 640 N-sec. The I600R was specifically designed for use in this year`s LDRS `I-Lite` Bowling Ball Loft competition and produces an initial thrust of over 180 pounds with a duration of just under 1.1 seconds.

The two `G` reloads fit new RMS casings that are being introduced simultaneously by AeroTech and Dr. Rocket/Reloadable Systems. These cases are compatible with existing 29 & 38mm high power closures. The G79W is NOT compatible with the 29/40-120 model rocket RMS hardware. The I600R fits existing 38/720 motor hardware.

The three new reloads are being released in conjunction with LDRS-23, the annual high power rocket launch sponsored by the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Limited quantities of G61W and G79W reloads and 29/120 and 38/120 RMS cases will be available from AeroTech dealers attending the launch. Initial sale of the I600R reloads will be restricted to participants in the I-Lite Bowling Ball Loft competition.

The G79W and G61W reloads qualify as "model rocket motors" and no user certification is required, though purchasers must be 18 years of age or older in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations. A Level 1 Tripoli or NAR certification is required for purchase of the I600R reload.

The 29mm G79W can be shipped via U.S. Postal Service Parcel Post with no hazmat fee, due to the fact that the individual propellant grains weigh less than 30 grams each.
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RMS-75/5120 White Lightning Reload Kit Recertified as M1297W-P
The White Lightning reload kit originally designed for the RMS-75/5120 casing, that is being manufactured at the AeroTech Cedar City, UT plant has been recertified as an M1297W-P.

The 4-grain motor in the AeroTech 75mm RMS line (formerly the L1120W-P) was tested on February 27, 2004 by the Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) Committee and has been renamed and recertified to the M1297W-P designation as a 5% M motor, and is certified until June 30, 2009.

The TMT test data for the M1297W-P motor is as follows:

Total Impulse: 5,416.6 N-sec (1,217.8 lb-sec)
Burn Time: 4.17 sec.
Average Thrust: 1,297 N (291.6 lb)
Maximum Thrust: 2,049 N (460.7 lb)
Loaded Weight: 4,637 grams (10.22 lb)
Propellant Weight: 2,722 grams (6.00 lb)
Specific Impulse: 199 sec.
Previously manufactured AeroTech L1120-P labeled motors will enter a three year burn period in line with current TMT certification policy.
The suggested retail price of the M1297W-P reload is $259.95, making it the lowest cost `M` solid propellant reload kit on the market, and is perfect for Level 3 certification and general sport flying.

Click here to download the TMT certification document for the M1297W-P reload in PDF format.
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